Nowadays, millennials are constantly on the move. Thanks to today’s freelance work culture, more people are location-independent when it comes to their jobs, which means more freedom to travel. Enter, nomadic hotels! An upgrade to the ye-old camping, if you will, that caters to the need of new-age employees! Let’s find out more. By Amitha Ameen

A growing number of people are putting a pause in their careers thanks to the prevalent ‘burnout’ work culture. With more and more people choosing to take up freelance work and odd jobs, the hospitality industry, too, is trying to keep up with the slow but gradual shift.

Nomadic Hotels are hotels that shift their base every three to six months. Look at nomadic gipsies or Mongolian shepherds, both of whom live in travelling homes. Both groups stay put at one location for only a short amount of time before the seasons start to change and they need to move again. A nomadic hotel is just like that, sometimes occupying an empty location or a previously inhabited building.

With unfixed residences or hotels like these, travellers can vacation anywhere. Under the stars, by a creek, on a mountaintop or inside a jungle. Choosing to stay in a nomadic hotel lets people have multiple experiences. It also enables them to see and stay at places different from where all others go while having an extreme level of privacy.

French hotelier Thierry Teyssier has already tapped into this trend by launching the world’s first wandering hotel -700’000 Heures, a travel experience that lets you experience extraordinary places. Moving every six months, 700’000 Heures has already travelled to Brazil, Cambodia and Italy amongst other places.

“It’s time to invent a new way to discover the world, which is more authentically connected to people and cultures, more enriching and more humane for all”, says Teyssier on this fascinating new trend that modern explorers and adventure travellers would prefer over the usual.

We are all for Nomadic Hotels and would love to see more of these in 2020! What about you?

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