Jewellery lovers, we have news for you! Now, you can actually witness the grandeur, opulence and magnificence of the Nizam’s Jewellery Collection in Delhi. All you need to do is pay a visit to the National Museum Delhi, where the Nizam’s Jewellery Collection is on exhibit until May 15. By Kumar Shree

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he Nizam’s Collection is one of the most spectacular jewellery collections owned by any royal house in the world.
A sneak peek into this fabulous world by Sweta S Fine Jewelry.
Deccan India not only yielded some of the most spectacular diamonds from its Golconda mines, but also jewellery loving rulers acquired emeralds, rubies and pearls of astounding size and quality from across the world.
Acquired by the Government of India in 1995 at what many consider a fraction of its real value, it is a national heritage nonetheless…. Among its many treasures is the famed Jacob diamond the 5th largest diamond in the world.
What is most interesting is how jewellery was worn in those days and its relevance to everyday life. The pieces have their own name and its own history.
Do have a glimpse and leave your comments. Details about the piece are below every picture.

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An exhibition of Nizam’s Jewellery Collection is being held at the National Museum Delhi. It is only the third instance that such rare gems and jewels belonging to the period of 18th and early 20th century have been put on display. An exhibition of such scale is being conducted after a gap of 11 long years. The first exhibition was held in 2001 wherein 173 objects were put on display and the second exhibition was held in 2007.

The collection has a total number of 173 items but the spotlight is stolen by the legendary Jacob Diamond. The Jacob Diamond is twice the size of the Kohinoor Diamond in its present shape and it weighs around 184.75 carats. It’s brilliant cutting, clarity and colour makes the Jacob Diamond a truly lust-worthy bauble.

The Nizam’s Jewellery is one of the largest and richest collections purchased by the Government of India (GOI) (the GOI paid a whopping INR 218 Crore in 1995 to purchase the same). Prior to this, the collection was under the possession of “H.E.H. Nizam Jewellery Trust” and “H.E.H. Nizam Supplemental Jewellery Trust” formed by the last Nizam Mir Osman Ali Khan in 1951-1952.

The exhibition is spread over 28 showcases and includes sarpeches (a turban ornament), necklaces, belts and buckles, pairs of bracelets and bangles, earrings, armlets, toe rings, finger rings, pocket watch and watch chains, buttons and cufflinks, and etc. While the diamonds from the mines of Goloconda, and the Colombian emeralds predominate the collection, the Burmese rubies and spinets and pearls from Basra and the Gulf of Mannar, off the east coast of India, also form a part of the exhibition.

An exceptionally large variety of cut emeralds, emerald drops, emerald beads, Taveez and many other shapes of jewellery from Colombia and Russia are also the part of the exhibition. Apart from that, two ornamented belts, one studded with a cut and the other with a carved emerald having their own charm are also to be looked at.

The exhibition will remain open for public viewing from February 19 to May 5, 2019, from 10 am to 6 pm (except on Mondays and national holidays). There is an entry ticket of INR 50/- per person.

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