You must have heard of places that are described as ‘Heaven on Earth’ but have you ever wondered about Hell on Earth? Well, we are talking about not one, not two but nine hells here on Earth! Scroll down to check out the Nine Hells of Beppu. By Swastika Mukhopadhyay

The Nine Hells of Beppu is nothing but nine hot springs, each with a unique characteristic. These hot springs, originally a part of the Beppu onsen, are located in the Kyushu Island in Southern Japan. The Beppu onsen is the second largest producer of geothermal water after Yellowstone national park in the US.

No, you may not take a dip here!

The Nine Hells of Beppu has earned the name owing to their high temperature. The water in some of these springs is so hot that they are said to be of boiling temperature. Hence, authorities forbid visitors to take a dip in these waters.

What’s so special about the Nine Hells of Beppu?

Japan is overflowing with hot springs, yet the Nine Hells of Beppu is a special chapter in the textbook of hot springs. Each of these hot springs come with a different colour due to the presence of different minerals.

1. Umi Jigoku or the Sea Hell: Do not let the soothing blue colour of this pond trick you! This water in this pond is so hot that you can practically poach an egg!

2. Oniishibou Jigoku or Shaven Head Hell: Also known as the mud pool, the boiling waters of this pool give rise to mud bubbles on its surface, thus resembling the shaven head of a monk.

3. Yama Jigoku or Mountain Hell: This is a hot spring, which was formed by a volcano.

4. Kamada Jigoku or Cooking Pot Hell: This is a bunch of several bowling springs. There’s a statue of the devil that is perceived to be the chef. This is comparatively a cooler pond. Tourists can actually drink from this one.

5. Oniyama Jigoku: The pond also goes by the name Crocodile Hell since it’s home to 100 crocodiles. This hot spring generates a huge amount of steam, which is powerful enough to tug one and a half train cars.

6. Shiraike Jigoku or White Pond Hell: A pond covered by a blanket of white steam! The waters of this pond are milky-white with a tinge of emerald from the sassolite minerals.

7. Tatsumaki Jigoku or Spouting Hell: A geyser that spouts hot water every 30 minutes for about 10 minutes. Better stay away from that one! The water can reach a height of 160 feet.

8. Chinoike Jigoku or Blood Pond Hell: Due to high iron content, the water of this pond is red. Considered as one of the most photogenic ponds of the nine hells, this water possesses antiseptic properties.

9. Kinryu Jigoku or Golden Dragon Hell: Catch the smoky dragon sitting next to the pond. The steam rising from the pond comes out of its nostrils, which makes it look lifelike.

How to get to the Nine hells of Beppu?

You can reach Beppu by Shinkansen using the Japan Rail Pass. Visitors travelling by air can board a flight to Kyushu and avail the Limousine Bus service from the Oita National Airport, Kyushu. The Limousine Bus service leads to the Beppu station from where you can reach The Nine Hells of Beppu by bus.

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