One of the most celebrated and exclusive nightclubs in the world, Berghain in Berlin reopens after the lockdown. And now, it is luring back its patrons with a brand new sound exhibition, which is rather an eerie affair. Read on to know more. By Amitha Ameen


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One can argue that the nightlife in Berlin is probably the best in all of Europe. So when Coronavirus came knocking, all the clubs including the usually hard-to-get-in ones in the city had to shut their doors as part of abiding by the lockdown rules.

One of the city’s most famous nightclubs, Berghain is a mecca of sorts for party-goers. Housed inside a former power station, the club’s reputation of being notoriously secretive and following a zero-tolerance camera ban is well known to the world.

Berghain in Berling was shut for the past few months due to the ongoing pandemic; however, it has opened now and has come up with an innovative way to lure visitors back in with an unusual sound exhibition. Created by artists Sam Auinger and Hannes Strobl, the exhibition titled ‘Eleven Songs — Halle am Berghain’ is an acoustic experience that involves rhythmic throbbing, murmurings, and soft city noises that interacts with space and provides a surreal experience to people.


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While queues are already forming outside the club, visitors are capped at 50, and everyone who is allowed to enter needs to wear a face mask and ensure they follow social distancing guidelines at all times. Since the space known as ‘Kessel Hall’ is massive and features large open windows, following these protocols wouldn’t be an issue.

This new sound exhibition at Berghain in Berlin will run until August 2 and the entry fee is €8 (INR 712) per person. Berlin’s nightlife was hit hard by the Coronavirus outbreak with many establishments being forced to shut down permanently. Authorities are repurposing outdoors spaces including parks and squares into open-air nightclubs and beer gardens to bring life back into the once-vibrant cityscape.

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