After California and Oregon, New York becomes the third state in the USA to ban single-use plastic. By Kumar Shree

Plastic is easily one of the most useful, yet most hazardous inventions by humans. While life without it seems unimaginable, reckless use of the same is chocking the planet to death. Land, air, or water, plastics have cast its ill effect on all domains. New York alone uses and discards an insane amount of 23 billion plastic bags every year.


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Now that the new law is in place, most businesses won’t be allowed to hand over plastic bags to their customers. Some businesses, however, are allowed an exception from the ban. Delivery food, takeaways, uncooked meat and fish, trash bags, prescription drugs, and non-film plastic ‘reusable’ bags fall on the exemption list. Governor Andrew Cuomo hailed the ban as a “bold action to protect our environment and ban these environmental blights.” New York mayor Bill de Blasio told New Yorkers: “We only have one chance to save our planet,” while handling them free tote bags in Manhattan.

While the states of Maine and Vermont will also introduce the ban this year, Connecticut and Delaware will bring it in 2021. The shops in New York have installed signs in place to alert the customers about the change. A social media campaign is also urging people to bring their own bags and low-income households are also receiving free reusable bags. The New York Department of Environmental Conservation said that it will be lenient in the initial implementation of the ban. They aim to focus on educating people rather than punishing them for faults.

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