You are a couple now but are you similar when it comes your travel personality? Figure out which among the 6 mentioned below fits you and your partner best and voila, we have some brilliant new ways to honeymoon that are just perfect for you!



Laid-back cuddlers most likely to have had a fuss-free, intimate wedding ceremony in a gorgeous ancestral temple are not going to be in the mood to micromanage a high-voltage honeymoon either. You fantasize melting sunsets and hand-in-hand walks over white sandy beaches looking over lush tropical forests, but are adventurous enough to bypass the Bali-Krabi-Phuket trap. Pack your flip flops and fly down to the Philippines, the verdant 7,000+ islands archipelago that’s often tagged as the ‘Pearl of the Orient’. If you’re seafood lovers, the D’Talipapa market is a treat you shouldn’t miss out on despite the crowds—and you can slip out of the beach every now and then for relaxed, fun activities like picnic dinner on a paraw (a traditional Philippine sailboat) and helmet diving (climbing down a boat via a ladder and walking 10 feet under on the sea bed, marvelling at the marine life).



For Mediterranean life populated by no less than 500 people, whitewashed walls, cerulean domes, curving narrow lanes, and Instagram-worthy sights from dawn to dusk, head straight to Greece. The island of Santorini is already a honeymooner’s paradise, but you need to skip the slightly busier Oia and Fira and walk on ahead to the little village of Imerovigli and take a couple of days just to savour its sunset. Rent a scooter and spend a couple of lazy days wandering nearby villages with their lovely Cycladic-style churches, castles and monasteries. Surprise him/ her with a decadent dinner at the wonderfully located La Maison where the succulent Tandoori Chicken Souvlaki and Moussaka are matched only by the exemplary service. For a superb grilled octopus at a local tavern, head to Dimitris in Oia.




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