Arth is a familiar name among the food community in Mumbai. We dropped in to check its warm interiors and the new menu curated by chef Amninder Sandhu. It makes for a wonderful evening. By Japleen Kaur

Located at a prime location in Bandra, Arth made headlines for its gas-free cooking method on initial launch. To up the game and offer multiple excuses for going back, they have a lip-smacking new menu that is a sure treat for the taste buds and any discerning diner’s dream come true.

As we enter the gorgeous restaurant, we are greeted by a smiling staff, who will ensure a memorable evening for us. To start with, Stuffed Morels presented with a dash of drama, think smoked on a log wood, arrive at the table. The meat, cooked in Kashmiri style melts in the mouth and we know, we are off to a great start. Next up is the Mutton Kakori Kebabs that is so juicy, the taste will remains long inked in our mind. The highlight, however, is ‘Bombay Summer’—prawns wrapped in raw papaya packed with flavours that remind you of a beachy day.

The main course comes dominated with lobster, chicken and prawns accompanied by dosas. The South Indian delicacy instead of rotis feels like a good change here. Dosa Square is stuffed with butter chicken, and the Punjabi in me dances at the sight of it. The combination is spectacular. Yetti Dosa is essentially rava dosa served with prawns cooked in a coconut masala. Living in the mountains deprives me of seafood and this, for a moment, makes me consider shifting back. It’s that great! No exaggeration!

It’s time for the desserts now and our tummies are bursting, but chef ignores and carries on; Punjabi in her truly showing too! Arth mango ice cream sandwiches are a quick bite. Crunchy biscuit filled with creamy ice cream, the stomach somehow makes space for it. Angoori Rabdi looks like a tiny bird’s nest and is instantly devoured without any patience for clicking pictures.

Arth feels like home, even with all the luxury gushing around. A huge part of it forms of the love and passion that Chef infuses into her food. She also tells us that the recipes are inspired by her childhood and a few ingredients are sourced from her hometown.

Apart from this lavishly authentic North Indian menu, they also do a 10-course meal of Deconstructed Goat available in full and half feast, which includes Paya Shorba, Smoked Mutton Chops, Raan and Naan, Nalli Nihari, Mutton Biryani, Hari Mirch Kheema, Bheja Masala and Gosht Ka Halwa. As for Vegetarians, they can hog on the Restaurant of the Year 2019 winning dish loved by Marco Pierre White – Jackfruit Deomali – smoked jackfruit in a bamboo on charcoal served with fragrant Alphinia leaf wrapped Jasmine Rice and Paneer Kofta. I’m hungry just writing about this!

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