If you are in Delhi, check out this new cafe and eatery, Café Tesu that’s bringing the crowd from South Campus right to the heart of the city. By Radhika Sikaria



Sitting in a secluded spot, with plants hanging from lights overhead, I stared out of the window with my gaze fixed on the cars swiftly passing by. Raindrops made tiny water channels on the window to mimic the droplets filtering on my glass of cold brewed Madagascar vanilla coffee. Behind me, a wall shelved with books- the Dan Browns and the autobiography of Sachin Tendulkar for example- stood as witnesses to conversations at the tables.

Cafe Tesu at Adchini, New Delhi, has recently become the city’s favourite new hangout. For lazy Saturdays that refuse to brighten up, this cafe brings its bright blue exterior and captivating murals on the white walls to complement its appetising menu.

Cafe Tesu

I was sitting with a friend who took a quick sip of her affogato and said it was just the way it should be—the dark bitter espresso perfectly waltz with the sweet vanilla ice-cream. But that day was about experimenting, and so we dug into the savoury items on the menu. The biggest takeaways:

  • Goat cheese and slow poached pear with caramelised walnut shards and mesclun mix
  • Fig, bacon and blue cheese napolitana pizza with balsamic caramelised onions
  • Chicken and chive dim sums
  • Lemon tart, tiramisu, and orange blossom pastry with kiwi and pomegranate


Owner Dhruv Goyle later told me about the four menus they clock in during the course of the day. Arrive at 8am and you will be greeted with a breakfast menu; at noon, warm up to to dim sums, salads, and sushi buffets; between three and seven, there is a high tea menu for indulgence; for dinner, there are greasy steaks on offer. “It is a luxury cafe; our verticals are right and I can rely on the team to send out the right food.”