Calling all techno-music fans: Netherlands has just seen the opening of the Music Dome at the Parkstad Limburg Stadion in Kerkrade, and will soon be electrified by DJ Amelie Lens. By Gayatri Moodliar

As if going to Netherlands wasn’t already on your mind, the country now has something to offer to all techno-music fans: a 2400-capacity music dome that already has some thumping events lined up. With one of the most advanced sound systems on hand to have the room reverberate to, the Music Dome can be found below the Parkstad Limburg Stadion, Kerkrade’s football stadium.   

The underlying strategy behind its impressive three-storied-with-two-balconies layout was complete flexibility. Flexibility for the guests to use the space for whatever purpose they require it for, whether it’s a private event or a conference space. All this going hand-in-hand with the events already lined up, of course. Even the food will be especially curated by chefs and culinary artists who have been handpicked to add a special touch to the space. It even has its own modular light, sound and image installation.  

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If you happen to be going there, one of the performances you should keep in mind while planning is DJ Amelie Lens’ (she’s one of Belgium’s top contributions to the world of electronic music), which takes place on December 30.

Her career found a foothold when she scored a residency at Belgium’s Labyrinth Club. After that, she found an extensive fan base that allowed her to tour Europe.  

The Dome also house a Music Dome Lounge, which can be used for workshops and sessions. It even offers access to the Sky Box that’s perched above the dome with a bird’s-eye view of the happenings below.  

The White Room, the other component of the space, can be customised through its LED lighting to bring whatever vibe you’re hoping to bring, and is the go-to spot for restaurants. A derivative name, the White Room remains true to itself with an eponymous bar and DJ booth. 

Located about 45 km away from Hasselt, the Dome is easily accessible by road.

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