Netherlands Officially Drops ‘Holland’ As Its Nickname

While some call it the Netherlands, others address it as Holland. Many have no idea what the country’s official name is. Well, that confusion have been cleared fnow. The Netherlands has decided to do away with their nickname ‘Holland’. From now on, it will use Netherlands as its official and only name. By Kumar Shree

The country underlined that much of its tourist influx landed up only at one destination — Amsterdam. This decision has come up as part of a re-branding campaign aimed at reinstating the country’s international reputation. The idea is to highlight regions other than Amsterdam and present those as tourist destinations to the international community.

Understanding its geographical layout, Netherlands is formed of 12 provinces. Only two of these 12 areas form up Holland. While North Holland Houses Amsterdam, South Holland has Leiden, Rotterdam, Hague, and other regions. So, only when you visit these two areas, you are technically correct in referring to them as Holland. Everything else is Netherlands.

Reports suggest that the Dutch government will incur a consolidated cost of USD 3,19,000 (INR 2,27,04,346) for this international re-branding. This cost will also include expenses of creating a new logo for the country. This logo will feature a ‘NL’ initials and the country’s national flower — Tulip.

The Netherland’s tourism board is pining on the campaign for better international representation of the country. They are hoping that the exercise will bring clarity to the travellers and will also incite them for exploring other regions of this stunning country. After all, there’s much more to Netherlands than just Amsterdam.

The Dutch government is also hoping to give its plans of sustainable tourism a push via this campaign. If tourists opt for other regions of the country, it will automatically disperse the load on already popular destinations. This in return will not only boost tourism to these places, but will automatically put sustainability in place.

For starters, you can put these lesser-known destinations in Netherlands on your list: Arnhem, Breda, Eindhoven, Gouda, Thorn, Volendam, and many more.

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