The last two years have seen quite a bit of change in the entertainment industry, including where we find the inspiration to travel. These seven Netflix Originals picturise destinations just the way you’d like them when you travel. By Deepali Sharma


  1. Tales by Light

    netflix originals
    Courtesy: Netflix Canda

This Netflix Original will inspire you to pack your bags set out on a culture trail. Tales by Light is a documentary series that trails the journey of a photographer as he crosses many hurdles to get to the location of the shoot. Therefore, it is also a story of what goes on behind that perfect shot. The cinematographer, Abraham Joffe, takes his camera through the dangerous shark waters of the Bahamas to the anacondas of Brazil. The show is all about those jaw dropping moments that occur during the shoot of a spectacular imagery. The series documents the devastation photographers’ face when they don’t get the required shot, their fight against their fatigue to capture a divine sunrise, among other things. Different locations with different settings and distinguishing cultures will drive you too to pack your bags for a photogenic discovery.


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  1. Jack Whitehall Travels with my Father

    netflix originals
    Courtesy: Nerve Media

Young Jack Whitehall explores Southeast Asia along with his father in this successful Netflix Original show. One of the main features of this show is the juxtaposition of Jack Whitehall’s youth with that of his old father who thinks leaving London is ‘travelling’. As both set out on a quirky adventure, doing intriguing things, they bond over intimate activities such as teaching an elephant to fist bump. From ‘Elephant Polo’ in Thailand to getting ‘Health Slaps’, the father-son duo can be seen, this show will definitely make you want to plan a trip with your parents.


  1. Ali’s Wedding

    netflix originals
    Courtesy: Netflix

This Netflix Original is Australia’s first romantic comedy about the concept of love surrounding Islamic faith. A Muslim immigrant boy, son of a Shia Muslim cleric, exits Iraq, travels through Iran, and reaches Australia to study medicine and pursue his father’s dream. He falls in love with a Lebanese-Australian woman. This movie is a synthesis of different cultures and nations, where a large part of the narrative focuses on the minority is telling its story through their voice. The show is everything about the essence of Iraqi culture to visuals of the urbanised Melbourne. This heart-warming true story will get you on a trail to explore Middle East and Australia.


  1. Wild Wild Country

    netflix originals
    Courtesy: Netflix

This Netflix documentary series explores the development of a ‘cult’ and the subsequent transformation of an old, secluded American town to ‘Rajneeshpuram’ in the early 70s and 80s. At the helm of this movement was spiritual guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, who attracted followers from around the world, and his personal secretary, Ma Anand Sheela, who moved an entire ranch from India to Antelope, Oregon. In Oregon, the followers developed a fully functioning city in a deserted land with organic farms and community centres. The development and transformation of Antelope to Rajneeshpuram will drive the aesthete and history mongers towards exploring the controversial city.

5. The Fundamentals of Caring

netflix originals
Courtesy: Variety

This Netflix Original is different from all the other movies on this list because of its storytelling format. This movie embraces travel as a life changing experience and revolves around a writer who quits his job to become a care giver of a differently abled teenage boy. They both decide to go on a road trip to a place named ‘World’s Deepest Pit’ where they intend to bury their regrets and sorrows. The resolution of the movie will make you realise the significance of a road trip and the self-discoveries that hit you while on a trip.

6. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

netflix originals
Courtesy: Plejmo

An incredibly engaging movie set in the wilderness of the tiny and remote island of Guernsey in the English Channel, during World War II. It is an old-fashioned romance that takes you from London to the United States, before culminating in Guernsey, a self- governing English territory which (surprisingly) is not a part of the UK. Since the story is about a secret literary society and the protagonist’s discovery of the history of the name, the movie will appeal to book lovers who don’t mind going the extra mile to visit libraries and homes of authors. Locations and landscapes are a huge part of the plot and therefore, the movie will entice you to go discover the Nazi-era British islands.


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