Netflix India has announced that it will be providing its content for free for 48 hours in an attempt to lure customers to its streaming services. Make the most of these two special days by binging on these travel shows for some much-needed armchair escapism. By Bayar Jain

As per reports by The Indian Expressthe Indian counterpart of the global streaming service Netflix is contemplating rolling out its content for free for two whole days, starting December 4. Known as StreamFest, the two-day long free services is meant to be a dry run for for customers who currently haven’t subscribed to the platform.

Whether you opt for the subscription or not, make the most of these 48 hours to bing watch these travel shows and indulge in some armchair escapism!

1. Emily In Paris

While this 10-episode series is not strictly a travel show, it is enough to satiate any travel bug! The show follows the journey of Chicago-based marketing executive, Emily Cooper (played by Lily Collins), who lands her dream job in Paris. Cooper’s new life lands her up lost amid Parisian streets, adjusting to the French work life and ethics, and dealing with the country’s unmistakable penchant for romance. Backdropping these comedic scenes are iconic Parisian monuments and countless cafes signature to the city.

2. Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father

Comedy meets travels in this four-season show, and brilliantly so! English comedian Jack Whitehall traverses across the world along with his prejudice-infested father, Michael Whitehall, in an attempt to bond with one other. The result? A hilarious show where the two take on unusual challenges, experiences, and adventures.

3. Dark Tourist

A show created for unconventional travellers, Dark Tourist ventures into spaces often overlooked and avoided. Accompanied by the investigative eye of New Zealand journalist David Farrier, the show delves into everything taboo. Think, lakes created by nuclear blasts in Kazakhstan, forbidden cities of Cyprus, voodoo festival in Benin, haunted forests in Japan, and more.

4. The Kindness Diaries

A documentary starring former broker Leon Logothetis, The Kindness Diaries is as heartwarming as can be. Paired with a vintage bike, Logothetis swerves across the world with one goal in mind: to spread happiness. Each 20-minute episode serves as a reminder of the goodness widespread in the world, without skimping out on travel elements.

5. Somebody Feed Phil

Eating is an integral part of travelling, and no one understands this better than the constantly hungry American television writer Philip ‘Phil’ Rosenthal. In this three-season long show, he travels around the world, munching on delicious local cuisines and dishes along the way.

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