Are you a Netflix enthusiast? Do you binge watch all the TV shows aired on this American entertainment platform? If you’ve watched Season 2 of Netflix original series Sense8, well, it’s not coming back. The producers have decided to pull the plug. By Jasmine Kaur

The American biz has reached the decision of cancelling season 3 of the popular sci-fi drama web series, Sense8. Needless to say, its huge huge fan base is not happy about it.





What does Netflix has to say?

Ted Sarandos, the Chief Content Officer Of Netflix made an interesting remark, “It’s one of those things that you know you’re pushing the envelope if every once in a while you fall. And you go back and start over again. If you have hit after hit after hit, you question yourself — are you trying hard enough? Are you too conventional?”


Does it make Sense?

Well, fans don’t think so. The reason cited for the abrupt end is the huge amount of expenditure incurred for each episode as opposed to its viewership that’s not as large. Whereas the overwhelming response and hullabaloo speaks a different story.


What do the viewers want?

What would you want if your favourite show just ended abruptly and without a convincing reason? The viewers are just lingering on with the cliffhanger of the last season. All they are asking for is a 2 hour special episode to give it closure, and a satisfactory end.


Though it doesn’t seem feasible for Netflix to continue investing in Sense8, many have gone up to say that they should at least let the Wachowski sisters do justice to their intriguing plot and take it to where it belongs.


Apart from the frustration and disappointment expressed by people, there were some humorous tweets that mocked the decision.