To the northeast of the United States, lies New England, the region known for its colonial past (some of its cities pre-date the American evolution), the Atlantic coastline stretch, and the lush forested mountains. Unlike the western landscapes, the northeast is mellow and demands more time and a slow travel schedule. What you will be rewarded with is an undying and inimitable charm, which greets you at the very first glance. Although, you will need to invest time to find out about its hidden natural wonders, which make New England worthy of slow travel plans. By Shubhanjana Das

1. Aquinnah Cliffs

The cliffs of Aquinnah are nothing remotely close to ordinary that you may have seen till date. The cliffs are as colourful as it gets with ancient clay deposits layered in red, black, gold, green and purple ribbons. The place is home to the Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head and the only way you can get here is by taking a ferry three miles south Martha’s Vineyard’s coast. The beaches are favoured by nudists and the island is thronged by cyclists for its wonderful, smooth roads and the guiding views.

2. Thunder Hole

The Acadia National Park in Maine is home to virgin nature and a plethora of flora and fauna. It is here that a cleft between cliffs of forest-covered mountains sprouts out a huge amount of water, filled in by the ocean. If you stand close enough, you might have to go back drenched. The park itself is a whopping 47,000-acre of deep woodlands, the Maine Coastline, and ragged mountains waiting to be explored.

3. Gulf Hagas

Known as the Grand Canyon of the East, Gulf Hagas in Maine witnesses a steep drop of a few hundred feet of the Pleasant River, resulting in natural pools inhabited by trout. Gulf Hagas lies at a distance of a three-hour drive from Portland. However, you can only access the pools after crossing a river and hiking through a The Hermitage, a stand of 200-year-old white pine trees. What awaits you is the Buttermilk Falls, the perfect way to end the hike with a small picnic. Perfect, much?

4. Block Island

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The last thing slow travellers look forward to is hordes of tourists thronging one place, leaving anything but the calm and serenity you came looking for. Avoid the rush and head to Block Island, a not-so-popular but nonetheless alluring destination marked by deserted beaches and alluring hiking trails. It may not attract as much attention as a Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard, but its coastal cliffs, hiking trails and pristine beaches are worth every second of you time.

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