Forget eco-tourism and spiritual travel! There’s a buzzing travel trend that has taken the industry by storm. A not-so-recent trend that has picked up over the years is NAKATIONS – Naked Vacations or optional clothing vacation. As more and more millennial holidayers are choosing to enjoy the pleasures of stripping down – literally, we delve into this hot trend to see what all the fuss is about. By Amitha Ameen

It is all about stripping down to the basics. A vacation sans-clothing has become a choice of travel for a lot of adventure seekers. From clothing-free resorts and beaches to nude charter cruises, Nakations is undoubtedly becoming one of the fastest-growing travel trends. The thought of going on a nude vacation might be daunting at first, but upon asking seasoned nakationers why they choose to go on nude vacations, the replies are varied.

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Free to be you.

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While some people enjoy the au naturel feeling they get while being butt-naked, others claim it brings them closer to their peers and then there are others who talk about how liberating it is to feel the breeze on their body. But the reason that stood and made the most sense to us was the feeling of unknown. When everyone you meet at a gathering is naked, you don’t know what that person does for a living or how rich they might be. This makes it easier to get rid of preconceived notions and social stereotyping issues.

Countries like America, Italy, Brazil and Australia, are way ahead when it comes to nakations, with their naturist B&B’s, nudist resorts and public nude beaches. India too at one point, during the ’70s, had a reputation for its nude beaches along the coastal towns of Goa and Gokarna. But with nudity currently being illegal in India, there isn’t much clarity about when and if at all, nakations will become a reality in our country.

So, are you prepared to lose your worries, the extra baggage and your inhibitions to welcome this crazy trend in your country?

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