On International Yoga Day, we bring to you a first-hand account of our stay at Naad Wellness. Trust us, this is the weekend staycation that you must consider post the lockdownPictures and text by Amitha Ameen

Just 60-minutes away from the hustle-bustle of Delhi, who would’ve thought that I’ll find myself in a green oasis. At Naad Wellness, I learnt the right way of doing a staycation.

naad wellness
Ying-Yang reflexology track path at Naad Wellness.

I am invited for a staycation at Naad Wellness, a holistic well-being centre near New Delhi, as part of their two-year anniversary, and I am super thrilled. A wellness retreat is just what I need after months of neglecting my body and mind with excuses.

When I walk into the retreat, the entire space engulfs me with a light and airy vibe. Every corner is adorned with plants. After gulping down a glass of fresh watermelon juice, I head to my room. I notice a pair of neatly laid out white kurta-pyjama set (traditional Indian garment) on the bed, which will be my attire throughout the duration of my stay here. Muted tones that are pleasing to the eye run throughout the theme of the room, and comes with a well-appointed bathroom and a green balcony that provides lovely views of the fields nearby.

naad wellness
A room at the Naad Wellness retreat.

Rooted in the ancient principles of Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, therapies and services at Naad Wellness have been planned in such a way that they help restore balance to one’s five senses.

My wellness journey at Naad Wellness begins with a one-on-one consultation with a resident Naturopathic physician. Following a detailed assessment, I am ushered to my first therapy by the extremely courteous and well-trained staff, who can seem to anticipate every need of yours before you know it.

naad wellness
A treatment room.

Following an intense full-body Ayurvedic treatment, I head to my room and have a quick shower before heading to lunch. As a person who enjoys her fair share of deep-fried and generally termed “unhealthy” dishes, I am pleasantly surprised at how delicious the meal spreads at Naad is.

naad wellness
Āhāra – The Dining Space at Naad Wellness.

A hearty meal later, we take a tour of the property lead by Mr Manoj Khetan, Co-founder of Naad Wellness. Khetan tells us about how the tiles, which are bound to catch your eye, are made with recyclable and sustainable materials. We now proceed to the in-house vegetable garden and greenhouse from where Naad sources most of their ingredients. The property itself is filled with plenty of edible plants.

Khetan says, “We have truly come a long way since 2011 when our other co-founders and I came together to fulfil our collective dream of setting up a centre that promotes holistic well-being and offers a glimpse into India’s ancient healing techniques. We hope to, continuously, make a positive impact on the health and lifestyle of our guests and showcase our country’s rich medical heritage.”

naad wellness
The private plunge pool at Naad Wellness.

We move onto the outdoor temperate-controlled pool and pavilion area where aerial yoga classes take place. Soft winds and the gentle swaying of the trees within the property set the perfect ambience for yoga and meditation classes.

I am content with the various treatments at Naad Wellness; in fact, there’s plenty of activities for guests to engage in. Tennis, badminton and night golf and a private plunge pool are just some of the highlights.

At Naad Wellness, they basically just immerse you in a series of customised therapies that range from Ayurvedic treatments, Turkish Hammam, Himalayan Salt Cave, Reflexology and more. The primary objective is to heal the body, mind and spirit from within, addressing the root cause of any imbalance, rather than offering a superficial short-term solution.
naad wellness

And, here comes the best part. As part of the festivities, Naad Wellness has also extended its Anniversary Offer up to March 31, wherein two guests can enjoy a wellness staycation at the price of one. Trust us when we say that you will thank us later!

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