Bucket List Material: Musical Cities For Every Music Buff Ever!

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There’s just something about music, isn’t there? There’s a certain ‘je ne sais quois’ in it. Our daily lives catch wings whenever music is introduced in them. Think about it. Doesn’t crooning the Beatles not make a Hard Day’s Night better? Does blasting Arctic Monkeys not make every step feel especially badass? If music is what you seek, that is what we shall get you! We have listed down a number of musical cities that are known to be absolute meccas of music! By Quoyina Ghosh

  1. London

Think Pink Floyd, Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Elton John, David Bowie, Oasis, the list goes on and on. The streets of London reek of music accumulating in every nook and cranny. From live music to jazz, from rock-and-roll to the blues, you just have to name it! If history is what you seek, you can go take a walk down the iconic Abbey Road, pop by the Royal Albert Hall and maybe take a bite at Bill Wyman’s diner. If jazz is your cup of tea, make your way to the one and only ‘100 Club’. Make it a point to wander down the iconic ‘Tin Pan Alley’! It is with this grandesque mixture of historic and current music that London presents itself to one.

2. Havana

With music pouring in from the streets, cafes, houses and the people, it’s no wonder people leave half of their hearts in Havana! Havana was the point where people from diverse backgrounds ended up. Each had their own unique musical history, which has now seeped into the very soul of Havana. Hence, the gorgeous musical diversity that you find here. From Spanish music to the rhythms of Africa, from Mambo to Cuban Jazz, from Salsa to Rumba, music in all its varied forms is what you’ll be greeted with in the streets of Havana! If sheer joy isn’t your prerequisite, Havana is not the place for you to be. You see, simply walking down the streets without breaking into a dance is impossible here. Such is the infectious spirit of Havana!

3. Bologna

All Opera enthusiasts unite, we’ve arrived at Bologna! This UNESCO recogniSed musical city is a massive cultural pool when it comes to the world of music. For starters, you have four marvellous orchestras to marvel at but what truly makes this city unique is the way in which it has had the tendency to promote music. The country’s first university to offer courses in music was at the University of Bologna, music therapy is something that is actively practised, dress rehearsals are free for a wide variety of associated people and the overall attitude towards anything musically inclined is massively encouraged! If an atmosphere that has been leaning towards the cultivation of music from ancient to modern times something that you wish to bask in, this is where you should book your next flight to!

4. Nashville 

Famously known as the ‘Music City’, Nashville is the place that gave us Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton and our all-time favourite Taylor Swift to name a few. If live music is your jam, you’ll be in a fix because every other place in this city boasts of it! What with Nashville’s history of producing music from the very outset, this does not come as a surprise. Of the long list of must-visits here, be sure to visit the Grand Ole Opry with its famous radio show that’s been broadcasting since 1925 and the Country Music Hall of Fame, which boasts of memorabilia of the musically famous! There’s always a tang of sheer fun attached to country music and if you want to experience that, no place is as perfect as Nashville!

5. Berlin

Berlin is a magical place for musicians and music lovers. Don’t believe me? Look at David Bowie! Remember his famed ‘Berlin Trilogy’? Cookie points for guessing where he was residing when he churned out those historic albums! Eclectic, beautiful, unique: those are the three adjectives that can define the music found in the streets there. From orchestras to street musicians, from the tunes of jazz to punk, Berlin’s music scene is absolutely fascinating. If some fun nights are what you seek, you can find your way to their world renowned techno nightclubs. Berlin contains in it musical multitudes. Explore away!

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