Museums Are Preserving Artefacts To Educate Future Generations About Life In Times Of COVID-19

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The pandemic has found a resting place in some of the renowned museums of the world, which are collecting COVID-19 artefacts to preserve forever. By Tanvi Jain

The curators of the Smithsonian museums in Washington DC have been collecting artefacts to preserve the best of the COVID-19 pandemicA task force established by the National Museum of American History is working towards building a collection of scientific and medical incidents taking place in the current scenario and their impact on business, politics, work and culture. 

In collaboration with other entities of the Smithsonian museums such as National Museum of African American History and Culture and the Anacostia Community Museum, the curators plan to add photographs and documents permanently to the museum’s collection. 

However, initially, the museum will maintain a digital collection considering the risk involved in going out on the field in the current scenario. “The Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History has formed a Rapid Response Collecting Task Force to address the COVID-19 pandemic. This task force will allow the museum to react quickly to assess and document the scientific and medical events, as well as the effects and responses in the areas of business, work, politics and culture. Curators will look at the impact on individuals, institutions and communities as they document the diverse perspectives and experiences related to this historic moment,” the National Museum of American History said in a statement on its official website. 

Some of the things to form a part of the collection reportedly include personal protective gears, test kits, ventilators, letters from patients, grocery list, etc. In another initiative, the Smithsonian museums are also giving a chance to narrate stories of how the communities are coming forward to support each other in tough times like these. 

Moreover, many other museums such as Wien Museum of Vienna, V&A Museum of London, Cologne Museum in Germany, National Museum of Australia have also reportedly started a similar collection of photographs, documents, objects, stories, and etc.

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