Mumbai police impose the two-kilometre rule, which bars people from taking their vehicles beyond the said radius, unnecessarily. Breaching of protocols could result in seizing of the vehicle. By Tanvi Jain


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Planning to go on a long drive/ride in Mumbai? Well, stop! Don’t go beyond two kilometres or your vehicle may get seized. Yes, that’s the new rule laid down by the Maharashtra Government, in an attempt to curb the rising cases of Coronavirus in the city. However, privately-owned vehicles used for essential services don’t have to worry about the rule, but others, if found violating, will have to give away their car or two-wheeler.  

Moreover, curfew will be imposed from 09:00 pm to 05:00 am, and those found roaming during these hours without any particular reason will be fined heavily. “As the city reopens in phases under the guidelines of the State Government, it has been observed that many are violating the norms. We appeal Mumbaikars to act responsibly & follow these guidelines at all times so that we can defeat COVID-19#UnlockResponsibly,” Mumbai police mentioned on its twitter handle, appealing to all the Mumbaikars to limit their outdoor movement to essential services only, wear face masks while stepping out, visit markets, salons, etc. only within a two-kilometre radius from their homes, and restrict exercise outdoors (also within two kilometres only). However, one is allowed to go beyond two kilometres if they need to go to the office or if there is a medical emergency. 


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Moreover, the guidelines also say that it’s mandatory to follow social distancing norms at all times, or else strict action will be taken, and all vehicles found away from a person’s local area for no valid reason will be seized. As per reports around 7,000 vehicles have already been seized by the Mumbai police for violating the rules. The decision, however, garnered criticism from the general public for causing trouble, as the city witnessed heavy traffic jam in light of the new two-kilometre rule. 

The city has reportedly recorded over 75,000 cases of coronavirus so far (June 29, 2020). Considering the rising number of cases, the Maharashtra Government has extended the lockdown till July 31. 

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