Keep honking, and keep waiting! Yes, that’s how the Mumbai police has decided to ‘punish’ the uncontrollable honkers at the traffic signal. By Tanvi Jain

In order to curb the ever-rising problem of honking, the Mumbai police has come up with ‘Honk More Wait More’ initiative, where if noise level due to rigorous honking crosses the 85-decibel mark, then the traffic signal will remain red for longer, thereby increasing the wait time for commuters. 

The announcement was recently made by the Mumbai police on their official twitter handle, saying, “Horn not okay, please! Find out how the @MumbaiPolice hit the mute button on #Mumbai’s reckless honkers. #HonkResponsibly 

Along with the post they also put up a 1.54-minute video of an experiment they had conducted at CSMT, Marine Drive, Peddar Road, Hindmata and Bandra, in November last year.  

Not only did the post manage to garner over 70,000 likes and over 28,000 retweets within few days, but #HonkResponsibly also started trending within no time. This concept of Mumbai Traffic Policeconceptualised in partnership with FCB Interface is called the ‘Punishing Signal’. 

The video starts with an introduction by an actor in typical Mumbai style, saying, “Welcome! To the Honking Capital of the world! Here, people honk even when the signal is red! It’s easy, na! Maybe they think that by honking, they can make the signal turn green faster! They just don’t understand.”  

Then follow shots of drivers honking continuously, who later stop only after noticing that the signal timer has reset itself, which means now they’ll have to wait more. The experiment involved connecting special decibel meters to traffic signals. Moreover, the digital hoarding at the signal also displayed the message ‘honk more, wait more!’ 

Following the footsteps of Mumbai police, Bengaluru and Hyderabad have also decided to adopt the ‘Punishing Signal’ initiative. Both the cities struggle with the problem of honking every day. As per reports, Bengaluru has recorded a decibel level beyond 105 dB, in major areas like MG Road, Silk Board and KR Puram, and at 110 dB at the Kempegowda bus stand. 

Responding to Mumbai Police’ tweet, Bengaluru Police Commissioner Bhaskar Rao tweeted, “Very good idea of fixing decibel meters, will try.” Similarly, urging Hyderabad authorities to implement the same, Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) working president and IT Minister KT Rama Rao also wrote, “Let’s get this done in our Hyderabad too. Need of the hour.”  

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