If you’re travelling to a ‘green’ region in 2019, pair sustainable fashion choices with responsible travel practices. This style bible is all you need. By Priyanka Chakrabarti

Imagine waking up to alpine lakes, or perhaps, a lush green stretch of a mountainside, and sipping hot Temi tea, while enveloped in a thick blanket of mist. If you’re already penning your next holiday itinerary to the world’s first fully-organic state, Sikkim, make sure you embrace conscious fashion choices. Here’s a quick guide to help you pack right for the trip.


  1. Warmers: A jacket with woollen lining, a thick muffler, a sweater, a lightweight wind-cheater, merino wool long-johns, socks and gloves, a shawl, and a knitted cap are must-haves.
  2. Rain- And Snow-Proof: Rain is unpredictable in the Northeast. Don’t forget to carry a foldable umbrella, a bright-coloured reusable raincoat, snow boots, and natural rubber gumboots (say no to PVC, please!).
  3. Accessories: Do carry your anti-glare goggles, cotton scarf, earmuffs, stockings, pocket watch, passport holder, hiking pole, jute backpack, set of Swiss Army knives, multi-purpose flashlight, pocket map, a pair of Bluetooth headphones, and compass in case you’re up for a hike.
  4. Grooming: Say a big yes to sunblock with a minimum of SPF 30. Carry a moisturiser and a chapstick. Throw in a bottle of body oil, soap strips, mild shampoo and serum, face wash, cream-based shaving kit, a tube of Vaseline, body mist, and mouthwash.


  1. Take extra pairs of socks and undergarments. If it rains or snows, chances are you won’t be able to dry things up easily.
  2. Carry cotton or paper bags for disposal.
  3. Pack a couple of cotton tees and shrugs.
  4. Carry a unisex waist pouch to throw in all the essentials like money, local SIM cards, mobile phone and charger.
  5. Carry your own coffee mug and flask. Avoid plastic cups.


  1. Portable aroma diffuser: Don’t forget this cool product to enjoy some soothing fragrances on your holiday. It doesn’t use water, and is powered by a rechargeable battery; it’s cordless, and hence, easy to carry. INR 3,990
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  3. Hard carry cases: This hard-shell suitcase comes with a stopper function, and the handle can be adjusted to your preferred height. From INR 8,990 to INR 69,990
  4. Neck cushion: Filled with beads that support the neck on long flights, this travel cushion has a clip and an adjustable strap that keep it in place. From INR 1,490 to INR 2,490


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