This Hostel In Himachal Pradesh Is Redefining The Way Travellers Should Stay!

Mudhouse Experiential Hostel in Himachal Pradesh is going beyond the usual norm of offering cheap accommodation to young travellers; it’s giving them a space to experience life-changing moments in its truest sense. By Japleen Kaur

Located in Jibhi, Banjar Valley, the hostel is constructed out of hard work, passion, love, and happiness. Rahul Kumar the man behind the property believes in welcoming people that will make his home, a better place to live in. He is building a community that shares the ideologies of living life to the fullest, using eco-friendly and sustainable approach towards travelling.

What’s different about this hostel? It’s situated at a spot in the valley that not many know of and this makes it the perfect hidden gem that backpackers are slowly discovering. It sits right next to a stream, and just a five minute walk away from the Jibhi waterfall that has a cute wooden bridge along the way, transporting you to a village in Narnia.

Apart from 12-bedded dorms, the hostel has two private rooms with attached balconies that overlook the stream. Now that’s what we’re talking about! Wait, that’s not it. They also have a duplex cottage that can easily accommodate a group of six and is perfect for a family, too.

Balancing out the affordable backpacking needs with luxury room demands is something that makes this hostel stay ahead of the curve. And, with the recently opened 24×7 cafe at the property, there are more than enough brownie points in their kitty. Scrumptious, home-cooked meals around the bonfire with Prateek Kuhaad songs playing on loop, and a starry sky, and stories from strangers who become friends as the night ends to complete the setting — I’d say, this is the ideal getaway for sure.

Mudhouse is not your regular hostel, and there is a reason why it’s got experiential in its name. Events of all kinds that promote art and wellness keep happening here. Whether it was the Alternative Living Project where people got together for two weeks to build their own shelter, cook their food, and go back to the basics while having fun, or, The Mountain Circle, where workshops related to curate happiness took place. All the funds generated went towards benefiting the people of Kerala post the floods.

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Waking up by the sound of the creek flowing in the backdrop, melody by the birds chirping along with the rustic, raw Mud caved rooms, along with the transparent roof corners. Are you still not convinced to be at our new rustic Mud duplex cottages, newly built at Mudhouse Experiential Hostels in Jibhi? It can accommodate 4-5 people in two different floors of wood and mud with the biggest outdoor decks by the river? So now you and your friends can stay together in one home without Bunk beds and with pure Luxury. To Book or Enquire, feel free to Whatsapp/Call and 9459895806 and our homie @ishleen.wadhwa will be more than happy to plan everything for you. ____ #jibhi #mudhousehostels

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The last week of December will sure be freezing cold here, but the hosts, Rahul Kumar, Manpreet Deswal, and Ishleen Wadhwa will warm your hearts instantly. And it is a given that most people end up extending their stay when at Mudhouse; so, make sure you have ample extra leaves when you get there! Don’t forget to ask them about all the treks, and camps nearby as there are plenty, but don’t be surprised if they end up joining you, and give you the adventure of a lifetime.

How to get there:

Regular buses from Chandigarh and New Delhi ply to Aut from where you catch a cab to the hostel. Rest, you can always call the property manager, and she’ll assist you with your queries.

Room rates:

Rs. 600-700 for a bed in the dorm, Rs. 2500-3000 for the private room, and Rs. 6000 for the duplex. The rates depend on the season and time of visit.

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