Netflix Party is a Google Chrome extension through which you can watch your favourite movies and shows online with friends from the comfort of your home. Time to hang out and enjoy a virtual party! By Manya Saini


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The outbreak of novel coronavirus and the social distancing guidelines being followed has forced us all to give up on our group activities and socialising. But there is a way to do it virtually now, with this new feature on Netflix — ‘Netflix Party ’extension available on Google Chrome.

The videos are synchronised across users, and has a chat option on the screen for everyone to share their thoughts and react in real time. It’s the perfect way to binge watch all your favourite shows and movies together. The host of the party controls the viewing and can pause, play, rewind and forward the movie for everyone else. It can add over 5,00,000 people at a time but the feature works only on laptops and desktops.


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To access this feature, visit in Google Chrome, tap on ‘Get Netflix Party for free’. On the Google Chrome extension page, select ‘add extension’ and login to your Netflix account. Once you select the movie for your virtual party, tap on ‘NP’ at the top right corner, the extension window will pop up. Share the link, and enjoy!

If the lockdown has made things boring and you miss spending time with your friends, this may just be what you need right now. It’s time to grab the quarantine snacks and chill at your very own Netflix Party. Moreover, Disney has also reportedly, come up with a similar feature called Disney Plus Party.

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