Ever dreamt of moving to a small, picturesque, historical town in Italy? To a location straight out of a Woody Allen movie? I’m sure, every night. Well now you can make your dream come true, as this small town of Italy is offering tumbledown houses for as low as INR 70. By Tanvi Jain

Italy’s Bisaccia town in southern Campania region, east of Naples, is putting up 90 dilapidated buildings for sale in an attempt to save dying communities by encouraging people to move there. But the deal is you’ll have to spend on its renovation from your pocket, although you don’t have to worry about some investment or time frame.   

This is not the first time an Italian town has put up such an offer on a property. In the past as well, places like Piemonte, Sicilia, Sardegna, Lazio, and more have tried the same technique to attract buyers. 

However, what’s different this time, is the fact that unlike other towns where it gets tricky to deal with original owners when it comes to payment, in Bisaccia the abandoned houses are owned by the local authorities itself. 

Once famous for its wool making and its artisans, the town faced severe emigration and earthquakes, last one being in 1980, which in turn resulted in a decline in its population. Bisaccia’s current population is close to just over 4,000, descended from the Italic tribes of the Samnites who are known to have fought against the Imperial Roman. 

Why move to Bisaccia? Other than getting a chance to live in Italy, the highlights of this particular town are its bronze-age caves, catacombs, dot sheep and cow-grazing fields, opulent Princess Tomb and the archaeological museum. 

Moreover, the sanctuaries and ruins of Roman villas, the medieval castles, the pastel coloured homes with decorated balconies, and spectacular days trips, only add to the beauty of this scenic town. 

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As far as food is concerned, their lamb specialties, fried meats, potatoes, sweet peppers, and moreover a variety of shaped pastas like the handmade twisted pasta called Treidde, thick spaghetti li marcannale, ricotta-filled ravioli Li Cauzungièdde, ear-shaped short pasta vrecchièdde, are enough to compile a delicious menu. There are also cheese specialities like caciocavallo and pecorino made with sheep milk, and soppressata sausage made with hot chilies and spices. 

Furthermore, the struffoli cake and squarcella cookie, will surely satisfy your sweet tooth. 

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