10 Of The Most Expensive And Extravagant Homes Around The World

As Isha Ambani gears up to shift into her new 50,000 square foot-house (mansion), Gulita, we rounded up some of the most expensive properties around the world. By Gayatri Moodliar

Buckingham Palace 

It has 775 rooms, is it really a surprise that this ‘large townhouse’ costs approximately one billion dollars? Sure, it may not be on sale any time soon, but it’s fun to imagine getting lost in one of the 78 bathrooms or 188 staff bedrooms.  

Antilia Building

Also crossing the billion-dollar mark, and perhaps touching two billion, is Mukesh Ambani’s 27-storey private residence in south Mumbai. Eclectic to say the least, its design has garnered a fair bit of attention, and you really can’t miss the building—yes, it’s an entire building—while driving down Altamont road. With helipads, numerous garages and innumerable rooms, there’s no wonder why it’s high up on the list.

Villa Leopolda

If you want to live on the French Riviera, you’ll have to shell out some big bucks—around $750 million worth of big bucks. Reportedly built for King Leopold II of Belgium’s mistress, it’s now owned by Brazilian philanthropist Lily Safra. If the house looks familiar, that may be because it made an appearance in the classic film, To Catch a Thief.   

Middle Gap Road, 24 

This extravagant mansion offers 360-degree views of lush landscape and scenic isolation. When you don’t want to look at greenery anymore, you have your own circular pool out in the back. Located in one of Hong Kong’s poshest neighbourhoods, The Peak, the locality adds to the expense of $447 million.

Bubble Palace 

With a value crossing $400 million, Pierre Cardin’s Bubble House is an interconnected complex of terracotta-coloured domes at Théoule-sur-Mer near Cannes. Built by Antti Lovag to resemble pre-historic human dwellings in caves, there are numerous waterfalls that feed the surfaces. But that’s not it; there’s also an amphitheatre outside that overlooks the Mediterranean and can seat 500 people.  

Villa Les Cedres 

With long cedar trees that flank the path leading to the villa’s door, it’s easy to see where the name is derived from (cedres means ‘cedar’ in French). Located on the Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat’s coast, living in the South of France comes with a price tag, and for this property that tag again crosses $400 million. Inside, you’ll be transported to a different era with the ornate chandeliers and stables.  

Chartwell Estate 

For $350 million, you can get one of the most expensive listings in the United States. The Estate was built in respect to French Neoclassical design, it includes a limestone façade, a wine cellar, a tennis court and, of course, sweeping views.  

Molokai Ranch

Want something a little more open? The Molokai Ranch in Hawaii could be it then. Occupying more than 55 thousand acres of space, it’s got every type of landscape: cliffs, rainforests and beaches. And it only costs $260 million.

Xanadu 2.0 

Built into its surroundings to regulate the temperature more efficiently, the ‘earth-sheltered’ Xanadu 2.0 is the abode of Bill Gates, one of the richest men in the world, so it’s no surprise that it’s on this list. Assessed at over $100 million, it has a rotating selection of artworks and was named after the home of the title character in Citizen Kane 

Kensington Palace Gardens 

Lakshmi Mittal found a $100-million house on Billionaires Row, so it’s no surprise that it makes the list. The property comes with 12 bedrooms, Turkish bathrooms, and an indoor pool—and, of course, the incredibly royal neighbours within a stone’s throw.  

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