After the Prime Minster of India, Narendra Modi recently meditated for 17 hours at the ‘Dhyan Kutiya’ in Kedarnath, it became famous around the country, and a large number of people started inquiring about the holy spot. By Ishani Singh

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The Modi Cave, earlier known as ‘Dhyan Kutiya’, is located at the Kedarnath shrine and will soon become a tourist spot, said BL Rana, general manager of Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam (GMVN), a government body responsible for promoting tourism in Uttarakhand. It will be opened shortly for the visitors and an online booking facility will be made available for travellers.

“We will shortly open this cave for tourists through online booking. Until now, due to some technical snag, booking is closed,” said Rana. “We are trying to restore the bell system and will open the cave for bookings when it is restored,” he added.

Located at a height of over 12,000 ft. in the hills of Kedarnath, the cave features an attached bathroom and a window overlooking the shrine of Lord Shiva, along with a bed, a bucket and a mug for bathing.

It also has an electricity connection facility but the area has poor network for mobile phones. Moreover, officials at the GMVN said that the enclosure has a bell attached to it which visitors can use to reach the GMVN office to make inquiries at any time. The tariff to stay for a day in the cave has been set at INR 990.

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