You’ll be surprised to know about Mizoram’s traditional concept of trust and honesty, followed in the state’s Seling town, where certain shops are run without shopkeepers. By Tanvi Jain

Did you know about the Nghah Lou Dawr Culture Of Mizoram, in the state’s Seling town, where locals open shops without any shopkeepers and run on the basis of trust? Yes, it’s an old concept and is followed till date in certain areas. One can take whatever he/she wants from the shop, and leave the money in a deposit box. 

“The year is 2020; #Honesty #Hospitality #Trust comes handy again for #Mizoram during these trying times of #COVID19 outbreak. Traditional Nghah-Loh-Dawr,(shops without shopkeepers) comes handy for many sellers and buyers in maintaining safe social distancing,” Mizoram Chief Minister Zoramthanga tweeted. 

The concept, already viral on social media, has often left users in awe. An image of the same was recently shared on Twitter by an NGO called My Home India, saying, “Long highway of Seling in Mizoram, many shops are found without shopkeepers. It is called ‘Nghah Lou Dawr Culture Of Mizoram’ which means ‘Shop Without Shopkeepers’. You take what you want and keep money in the deposit box. These shops work on the principle of trust!” 

The post garnered immense appreciation from Twitteraties, many were even amazed at the amount of trust that exists among the people of Mizoram, impossible to find otherwise in today’s day and age 

“I have experienced this in Mizoram, really very happy and once read that Mizoram is the safest place in India to travel then realised. Hats off to the people of Mizoram. I love the state,” said a user @pintumullah. 

“Oh, that’s what trust is all about. I still can’t believe. Hope one day I will visit this part of Mizoram and meet those wonderful people,” added another user @vinod_vinod1425. 

“God bless these humanitarians who are helping us to understand the word honesty, humility, blessed,” expressed @vindhyanaman. 

The concept is not only viewed as a lesson of trust and honesty but also as a safe practice during COVID-19 pandemic, where social distancing and limited gathering has become the new normal. Meanwhile, Mizoram has recently extended complete lockdown in the state till June 30.

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