Millennials Would Give Up Sex To Go Travelling, According To A New Survey

Study says that the need to satisfy wanderlust has overpowered all other types of lust. Yes, millennials prefer to travel over sex. By Tanvi Jain

In a recent survey conducted by a travel company named Contiki, it was revealed that millennials would any day choose to travel over sex. It came as a shock that the youth of today, which is more active in the virtual world than in the real world is ready to give up porn, Netflix, booze, even cell phones in order to satisfy their wanderlust.  

Trapped in crazy work schedules with no time to relax, youngsters would do anything to shut down for a few days and run away from technology, traffic and noise, only to fall into the lap of nature. 


By now we have heard millions of stories about millennials giving up their well-paid jobs to travel the world, but giving up sex still sounds hard to digest! In today’s world of no strings attached where casual sex is no more a taboo, the lust for travel has overpowered everything else. 

Spending quality time with your partner on a lazy weekend, prepping for dates or hitting a club on a Friday night has been replaced by packing bags and pushing off to a weekend getaway. 

Despite a hectic work schedule, pending household chores, and burden of bills, the youth of today would anytime prefer to leave straight from work, travel all night, explore a new location, and re-join work the next day without even bothering to slow down and sit back for a minute.  

The word ‘relax’ has a new meaning now. A sense of accomplishment after checking off a new location from the bucket list, or by finishing a trek or the adrenaline rush at the end of an adventure sport, are some of the activities that millennials prefer in order to relax, unwind and rejuvenate.   

However, studies also reveal that today’s generation is struggling due to sex recession. The sad reality is that today’s youth is way more sex and love deprived than ever before. Despite having so many options, every millennial is fighting his/her own battle with loneliness, depression, emotional imbalance, anxiety issues, and more. 

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One of the many benefits of travel is that it gives you a break from your monotonous routine, but that’s not reason enough why it has won over sex. Travel not only helps you explore a new place, but you happen to meet new people as well. 

Scenic beauty, peace and fresh air are of course major factors, but most importantly away from the world of complaints, chaos and responsibilities you get to spend quality time with yourself, relax and forget about all your problems. As they say the road has all the answers. 

 A complete rejuvenation of mind, body and soul is an upcoming wellness trend, which is not only restricted to physical wellbeing but also caters to peace of mind and revival of soul. 

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