We recently met Milind Soman, the poster boy of fitness in India, for tips on how to fall in line with a workout regime that suits our bodies best, given the hectic schedule and frequent travels. Imagine our surprise, when he revealed this interesting detail about his own fitness regime. By Pallavi Phukan

Surprise, Surprise! Milind Soman doesn’t follow any routine. He revealed this shortly after I arrived at the breathtaking Mawi Infinity Villa, a plush Airbnb in Lonavla. What has always worked for him, he continued, is the fact that he has always been active. What constitutes activity you say? Well, running, if you didn’t notice already. He says, that while exercise is important if you have goals of running a marathon or losing weight, to remain healthy, all you need is to be is active. Every minute habit makes a difference; all it needs is a strong mental will.

However, if you find yourself resilient and want to indulge in a quick workout once a day, he suggests three exercises you can do at any time in the day– planks, push ups, and burpees.


Milind Soman

So, what does he look for in a holiday?

Interacting–that’s what Soman does when he travels. Self admittedly, he is not the type to click hundreds of pictures on his phone or constantly be hooked on the Internet. Rather, he enjoys interacting with people and letting the vibe of a destination sink in.

On being a traveller

Though Milind doesn’t consider himself an ardent traveller, he admits having started enjoying his travels, thanks to Airbnb. At an Airbnb, he is able to enjoy quality time with the people he is travelling with, which is never the case when he is at a hotel. “For instance,” he says, “We can be at the same kitchen or by the poolside; do things together and travel.”

Milind Soman

On his mother’s fitness secret

Milind Soman’s mother, Usha Soman, is no ordinary lady. At 78, she runs marathon, can do planks, and is as fit as a fiddle.  Milind attributes this to a lifetime of making right choices. “A healthy lifestyle is all about making the right choice, good preparation, practice, and making a habit out of it.” This has always been the mantra in his mother’s life.