A lot of Mexican therapies have roots in Mayan history, and some even include bathing in 13 waterfalls. Here are some of the other memorable experiences you can have in Mexico. By Anita Rao Kashi


As much as exploring caves on the surface is exciting, exploring those underwater has several additional layers. The marine world is fascinating in itself, but underwater caves, especially in the Yucatán Peninsula, are akin to journeying to the centre of the earth with a bio-diversity that is both unique and surreal. Not for the faint-hearted, this scuba diving adventure allows divers to see awe-inspiring sinkholes, cave systems and cave formations.  


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"The Mercado de Comida de Coyoacán, which specializes in food, and the larger Mercado de Coyoacán, which takes up the better part of a city block and sells nearly anything you could imagine, are worth a few hours of your time. Besides the fresh produce, spices, slabs of queso fresco and containers of organic honey (80 pesos for a small jar) at the larger market, there’s also clothing, toys and numerous casual sit-down restaurants where you can enjoy a fresh enchilada or tostada", says @staletwizzlers o hisn @nytimestravel article. Money-saving tips, with more 📷 of @brett_gundlock: nytimes.com/travel. #Coyoacán #MexicoCity #VisitMexico #VisitCoyoacán #VisitMexicoCity #markets #food #foodie #foodtravel #mexicanfood #streetfood #culture #tostadas #AWorldOfItsOwn #wanderlust #InstaTravel #Travelgram Are you loving Mexico? Tag your shots with #MexicoLove or #FoundInMexico for a chance to be featured on our page.

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Mexican food reverberates around the world, but possibly the best place to have it is at Pujol, the most famous Mexican restaurant with a waiting period of over two months, in Mexico City! While street food is everywhere, Pujol has modernised it but remained authentic to the roots.

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Salón Privado

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In a cozy ambience, sample the octopus with habanero ink, mole aged for 1,000 days and the chocolate tamale dessert.  


Northern Mexico’s Copper Canyon is a series of six gigantic interconnected canyons in the Sierra Madre Occidental Mountains, formed by the draining of six rivers. The area gets its name from the unusual green colour of the walls, a bit like oxidised copper. Hiking is the best way to explore the area. Interestingly, the six canyons are larger – and deeper – than the Grand Canyon when combined.  


Rancho La Puerta is set amid 4,000 acres of a nature preserve and has a wellness philosophy that hinges on the natural healing process. The spa is done up in soothing colours and natural materials and has an expansive menu designed around treatments and therapies that follow the four-stage – cleanse, relax, restore and energise – regimen. It uses aromatic and medicinal herbs and other healing plants grown in the brand’s organic gardens at Tres Estrellas.  


Secrets Aura Cozumel is a beautifully located adults-only resort with luxurious rooms and amenities, a private beach and a staggering six restaurants that are aimed at pampering the body and the soul. It is especially popular with couples looking for indulgent downtime. Of all the rooms, the ones in high demand are the swim-up ones with unending views of the ocean. Activities, too, are centred around water; try kayaking and pool volleyball, and soak in the outdoor jacuzzis.

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