While we are all reeling under the constant inflow of Coronavirus information on the internet, here is some extremely heartwarming and positive news. Sector 50 metro station in Noida is all set to be dedicated to the transgender community and will be renamed as the ‘Rainbow Station’. By Amitha Ameen


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The Noida Metro Rail Cooperation (NMRC) on Wednesday said that the sector 50 metro station on the aqua line would be dedicated to the transgender community, and will be called ‘Rainbow Station’.

The NMRC had received many suggestions from the people on what they can name the metro station “which would signify the essence of the community.” “The NMRC will also be providing them with employment opportunities to become self-reliant and pave the way for their healthy inclusion and participation in THE society,” said NMRC managing director Ritu Maheshwari.


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The sector 50 metro station connects Noida’s sector 51 with the Delta Metro Station at Greater Noida. ‘Rainbow Station’ was the name given after some people raised objections to ‘SheMan’ used for the transgender community.

While India has a long way ahead to fully accept homosexuality as a way of life, the LGBTQ+ community has made great strides into the mainstream, with colourful and powerful pride marches, pride-friendly cultural events, and other community enriching activities.


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The renaming of the sector 50 metro station is just the latest of the many queer-friendly initiatives that have been undertaken by the government and communities to create awareness about this marginalised section of the society.

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