Explore These Mesmerising Forests That Seem Like They’ve Come Straight Out Of Fairy Tales!

When as children we’d read about Enid Blyton’s enchanting forests with magical trees that had a penchant for taking people to a variety of worlds, we were absolutely fascinated. These mesmerising forests that we’ve listed down here will make you feel as if they’ve actually come straight out of a fairytale. By Quoyina Ghosh

1) Goblin Forest

Like the name suggests, this forest is very possibly home to elves, goblins, fairies of all sorts, and it certainly looks it. With it’s green overhanging mosses, ferns, trees twisted into each other, it gives off a certain gnarled look that seems to have come alive from our favourite fairy-tale.

2) Arashiyama Bamboo Grove

It is said that just standing amidst this forest and soaking in the tall bamboo trees rustling fills one with a unique feeling that words can’t explain. In fact, it is so unique a feeling that it is included in Japan’s top 100 soundscapes.

3) Crooked Forest

Located in Poland, this forest is probably one of the oddest forests you will ever come across. In this forest you will find about 400 pine trees twisted in a certain way above ground level and then grown straight upwards. While there are a few assumptions afloat about what could have caused such a strange phenomenon, no one has truly discerned the real cause behind it yet.

4) Tandayapa Cloud Forest

Known for its mesmerising looks with all that renowned cloud play, this forest is also touted for having in it flowers that bloom all year long. With vastly unexplored areas, tons of birds flying about, a variety of unknown flora and fauna, this place is a haven for a traveller seeking a fairytale.

5) Hallerbos

If true magic is what you seek, all you have to do is find your way to this forest in Belgium. With the coming of spring, the forest floor here is filled with lovely bluebells. The picturesque effect created by this would put even our beloved fairy-tales to shame.

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