The Meghalaya tourism department is planning to hold a nine-day Meghalaya Age Festival to promote high-end tourism in the state. By Kumar Shree

While the picturesque Thadlaskein area in West Jaintia Hills will serve as the venue for Meghalaya Age Festival, either March 6 or March 7 will mark its commencement. Talking about the event, Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma said that the event is aimed at highlighting Meghalaya’s high-end tourism potential. He also added that we are living in the Meghalayan Era and the world should be informed about the same. Talking about his plans of branding the state and getting more visitors in, he also said, this is a first of the many cultural and music festivals to come.

Those wondering what’s in the store for them —  there’s bountiful of Meghalaya’s verdant beauty — to begin with. Those looking to get an adrenaline rush, have an ornate platter awaiting for them. You can take in an expansive view of the stunning Meghalaya from hot-air-balloons that will take you to the vantage point. If something closer to nature is what you seek, you would love to be a part of the cave expeditions. Yes, Meghalaya has a varied range of caves and you can explore these during your trip.

Now, let’s talk about the most glamorous part of the festival — glamping. While glamping is popular in many other tourist destinations in India, it is a first for Meghalaya. The green state is introducing the concept for the first time. Those joining in the Meghalaya Age Festival can choose to stay in one of the 50 five-star tents equipped with all luxurious features and amenities.

The state government will also announce award unique achievers from their respective fields. These individuals will come from trades like business, education, farming, health care, and sports. The festival seems like an interesting and promising step from the government to boost tourism. We hope it delivers the desired results and we are pretty excited to see how the first edition unfolds.

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