At a time when your brain is juggling a series of emotions such as stress, anxiety, fear, and etc, these meditation apps will help you beat COVID-19 stress. By Tanvi Jain

1. Headspace 

This app features hundreds of guided meditations especially for those who don’t believe in the practice. Not only is it easy and free, but also keepreminding you to live life calmly. It even has sessions that last for only two to three minutes so that you don’t have to worry about spending too much time. The app has a narrator that communicates with you through every meditation session. Moreover, it also provides a full-fledged explanation of the course which helps understand the main purpose of feeling calm and centered. There are both individual as well as group meditation sessions, covering a range of topics in the ‘recommended for you’ section, such as breathe, happiness and appreciation. The app is available both on Google play as well as App Store. 

2. Omvana 

This app features guided meditation sessions lasting between three to 60 minutes. The sessions mainly focus on mindfulness, spiritual growth, and how to reduce stress and increase concentration level in your daily life. Moreover, its guided meditations are also combined with a mixer, with more than 200 ambient tracks for a new experience every time. You can download Omvana from App Store and Google Play.  

3. Calm 

This app tailors content as per your requirement; all you need to do is answer one question i.e. What Brings You To Calm? And based on your answer the app suggests content. The app features guided meditations, breathing exercises and relaxing music. It has over 100 guided meditations for anxiety, and there are walking meditations as well. The app’s best feature is its huge library of sleep stories. Moreover, there is also a Calm Masterclasses series, which offers classes by renowned meditation experts and doctors. The app can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store. 

4. Insight Timer  

This app’s diverse library of 3,500 guided meditations, from over 6,000 teachers has bagged it over 12 million users. You can bookmark your favourite sessions, and even follow your teachers. This not only helps revisit the session, but the app also alerts you about any update. However, there is one drawback i.e. its an open app, which allows anyone to post content, therefore, it is recommended to have a thorough reading of a session, or any lecture before practicing it. The app can be downloaded both from its official website as well as from Google Play and the App Store. 

5. Oak 


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This addictive app specially because of its water colour tone, allows you to earn badges by doing meditations, and also offers daily inspirational quotes. Moreover, it provides breathing exercises, meditations, and sleep sounds. You can even customise your meditation topics like mindfulness, kindness or love, choose your duration from five minutes to 30 minutes, select whether you want a male or a female speaker, and also play your choice of background sounds like cave water, fireplace, Tibetan Om or wood saunaThe app is available both on Google play as well as Apple Store. 

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