Living in the current times is unleashing a host of innovative ideas. And, the lastest one worth mentioning is the Mediamatic ETEN restaurant in Amsterdam. Read on to know how are they redefining the concept of dining during the pandemic. By Kumar Shree


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The current scenario reminds me of a famous old saying, “necessity is the mother of invention.” And what better time to innovate than this. A race that thrives on the sense of community, bonding, brotherhood, and interaction must stay away from each other for the sake of survival. The novel Coronavirus has posed many challenges, and some of us are facing it with novel innovation. After all, it’s the need of the hour. And, adapting to a 1.5-meter society is one such innovation that you should know of.

The Mediamatic ETEN Restaurant, a vegan restaurant in Amsterdam will soon start taking in dine-in guests, but this time in Serres Séparées, i.e., in separated glasshouses. The guests can opt for two-seating or three-seating glasshouses where they can indulge in a four-course meal. All this while being worry-free about catching the virus.


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In a conversation with NL Times, the restaurant’s founding partner Willem Velthoven said, “This was one of the most feasible ideas from a large list of ideas we had when brainstorming.” Talking about the public’s reaction and enthusiasm towards the experiment, “We only had tickets for June and the last week of May online and they are now all sold out,” he added.

While operating under such a setup is still subject to the local government’s permission, the restaurant is ready with its preparations. If given a go ahead, it also plans to introduce larger greenhouses to accommodate families and group guests, but that can wait for some more time. Hopefully, by then the world will be even more prepared to fight back.

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