Don’t we all wish we were quarantined in a picturesque place or in one of our favourite destinations? Seems like this stood true for Hollywood star Matt Damon, who is currently quarantined in Ireland and welcomed by residents with open arms. Read on to know all the deets! By Amitha Ameen

While most celebrities are quarantined in their million-dollar mansions or slick penthouses, Hollywood heartthrob and megastar Matt Damon has been weathering the COVID-19 storm in a remarkably quaint locale in the Republic of Ireland.


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The actor along with his wife Luciana and their three children are self-isolating and quarantined in Dalkey, a seaside resort and city in Ireland. The actor was in the country to film scenes for his upcoming project, The Last Duel, which was later halted due to the pandemic.

The country had asked its residents to stay indoors and help curb the coronavirus disease, and the actor opted to stay back as the restrictions started to fall in place.

Some would call Damon lucky because the actor’s home state of New York has reported 165,000 active coronavirus cases, while Ireland has reported around 20,253 active cases. Additionally, Dalkey is known for its beautiful beaches and idyllic setting, making it a perfect place for one to be quarantined in.

The locals have already taken a liking to the actor and even gone as far as to give him a new name in true Irish style – Matt O’Damon. Residents have been posting photos of him out and about doing regular activities like buying groceries.

We’ll admit that we are a tad bit jealous of where Matt Damon is quarantined. Where would you choose to be quarantined?

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