To travel is to live the ultimate dream, according to Marta and Juanjo. The globetrotting duo first left their home in Spain’s Majorca in 2016 and have explored over 30 countries since then. They are now giving major couple goals to their Instagram followers with their dreamy photographs. The couple gets candid about their adventurous trip to India last year. By Adila Matra

Q. Tell us a bit about yourselves.

We are a travel-blogging couple from Spain. Travelling is passion for us, and we love to pass on this passion to our followers and readers. We have been to more than 30 countries so far, and last year, we went on a six-month long backpacking trip across Asia, starting  from Singapore and ending in the magical land of India.

Marta and Juanjo @justwotravel
Humayun’s Tomb in Delhi is an architectural marvel and the couple’s favourite place in the capital city of India.

Q. What prompted you to travel to India?

India is one of those countries that had always been on the top of our bucket list. The uniqueness of this country is what got our attention.

Q. What places did you visit in the country? And which one was your favourite?

During our 20-day trip through India, we explored Delhi, Varanasi, Agra, Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Jaisalmer. The most incredible moment was, sans any doubt, laying eyes on the majestic Taj Mahal.

Marta and Juanjo @justwotravel

Q. Tell us about one experience that stands out from your holiday in India?

Our train journey from Jodhpur to Jaisalmer. We remember how we sat in that train for more than eight hours, chatting with an Indian man, who sat opposite to us. He was so interested in us, our culture, our life in Spain, and our impressions about India. These are the kind of things that make a holiday exciting and adventurous.

Q. What is that one unique aspect about India you did not find elsewhere?

The eyes of the people. Eyes that can speak volumes, without the barrier of language. That is what fascinated us the most.

Marta and Juanjo @justwotravel
Visiting the Great Indian Desert of Thar in Rajasthan is an unparalleled experience.

Q. A piece of advice for international travellers visiting India for the first time.

Forget everything that you’ve heard or read about India. Let the beautiful country surprise you.

Q. How do you suggest international travellers plan their visit to India?

Well, plan ahead. Make a list of the cities that you want to visit, count the exact days you have for the trip, fix a budget, and plan major aspects of your trip beforehand. Also, as we always recommend, travel on your own.

Marta and Juanjo @justwotravel
Have a drink at one of the cafeterias located in Hawa Mahal, Jaipur. You get the best view of the city from the palace’s balconies.

Q. How has the response been to your Instagram posts from India?

Our followers loved our posts from India. Many of them expressed their will to visit the country after we shared our experience.

Q. Do you plan to return to India? What’s next on your bucket list?

We would love to visit India again some day. We have many places earmarked for our next visit, especially the southern belt of the country.

Marta and Juanjo @justwotravel
Sunrise on the Ganga in Varanasi, one of the many sacred cities of India.

Q. Top five travel essentials while moving around in India.

A camera, a notebook, a foulard, a first-aid kit, and a sleeping bag.

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