Shopaholics can boast of having explored the bazaars and the markets of every city, state, and country they venture into. Some buy jewellery, some get garments, some are more into pottery while some invest in stones. But, what if we told you that not all bazaars deal in the mundane, everyday items that we unthinkingly take home? These markets around the world have a whole lot to offer that will surprise, spook, and perhaps even weird you out. But, it’s worth the mention nonetheless. By Shubhanjana Das

1. Witches’ Market, La Paz, Bolivia

A part of the lively and bustling La Paz Market in Bolivia deals in something that not many of us can say we need on a daily basis, but the Aymara world surely does. It deals in the ingredients used to influence the spirits and is an unusual site, to say the least. If you are interested in purchasing dried llama (South American camelid) and frog foetuses for good luck, this is the place to be.

2. Ka Firushi Bird Market, Kabul, Afghanistan

While it is illegal to trade in living animals in many countries, Afghanistan surely and evidently is not on that list. The Ka Firushi Market is the hotspot for traders dealing in birds of all kinds, colours, and sizes as they are the Afghans’ favourite pets. The market, as we’re sure can already by understood, sounds much like a zoo, except that this zoo only has birds and is always resonating with their coo-hoo.

3. Khan Al-Khalili Market, Cairo, Egypt

Famous for its bewitching beauty, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that this one can potentially be one of the most aesthetic market complexes you have ever visited. A trip to Egypt is surely incomplete without a visit to what is now known as just Khan Market. With pleasing sounds, sights, and aromas, this place looks straight out of some mystical Arabian land!

4. Lomé Voodoo Market, Togo

Another voodoo market located in Western Africa serving creeps to people is the Lomé Voodoo Market in Togo. Even though you have to have the nerves to venture into and explore the market yourself, we can assure you that elephants’ feet, the heads of leopards, hands of chimpanzees, hearts of horses, and etc. are definitely on offer.

5. Freitag’s Container Shop, Zurich, Germany

The last thing that anyone visiting Zurich will have in mind is a vertical market of recycled freeway items. The Freitag’s Container Shop rises to a height of 85 ft above the ground (yes, it’s a vertical market) and is made of 19 rusting containers. What does it deal in? Recycled freeway bags. All the four floors of this vertical market are sprawled with as many as 1600 bags made from used truck tarpaulins, bicycle inner tubes, seat belts and airbags. This is the largest collection of ‘Individual Recycled Freeway bags’. Buy as many as you like!

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