The state of Nayarit in Mexico hides a very unusual beach paradise. The Marieta Islands lie on the coast of Nayarit. However, this hidden beach is only accessible through a special permit. Find out why and from where to get it. By Deepali Sharma

This heavenly island is a safe haven for an incredible range of biodiversity. The marine life and precious coral reef present on the island is something you’d want to any day travel for.

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Oh that. It's just a secret passage in the middle of the ocean that leads to a beautiful hidden beach beneath an unsuspect island.. . . By far the second best part of the past 5 days in Punta Mita, Mexico. Playa del Amor, aka the Hidden Beach, is invisible from the outside and is only accessible through a long water tunnel that links the beach to the Pacific Ocean. . . It was a mini adventure getting there.. we swam with helmets through a rock tunnel with at best six feet of space between the water and the rock ceiling, while fighting feisty currents, and avoiding hitting our heads on the rock above when waves would lift us up. Such a great time and so worth it. Plus, we got super lucky and and were the only ones on this gem of a beach! Frolick we did. Pic #3 shows the 'secret' entrance, 22 miles off the coast of Puerta Vallarta, accessible only via the ocean. . . #hiddenbeach #playadelamor #marietaislands #islasmarietas #puntamita #puertovallarta #pacificocean #mexico #gauravs40th In case you're interested in it's cool history, continue reading in the comments! These pics are not mine btw.

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The focal point of the island is the ‘love beach’ which can only be entered through an underwater cave. The islands formed by volcanoes were the testing site of Mexican military. As a consequence of the bombings, this crater shaped rock formation was created. The Mexican government later preserved the area by creating a natural park around it. Aerially, you can view the white sand uniting with turquoise water through the humongous hole in the middle.

This crater-visible beach is popular for the special permit that visitors require to enter the island. Due to increase in tourism, the marine life started degrading; there was an increase in pollution and depletion of natural biodiversity. In order to preserve the essential flora and fauna of the island, the Mexican government closed the island for tourism. Later on it allowed visitors to explore on special permit by SEMARNAT, the Mexican Environment Ministry. The Ministry also accounts the number of visitors entering the preserved area.

The place is home to 92 species of birds and 200 species of coral reefs along with more than 30 species accounting the diverse wildlife.

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There are several damage control steps that the Mexican government is taking to mitigate the damage done by tourism on the island. The need for a special permission is one of them. To bring back the normalcy to marine life, replanting of coral reefs has been initiated.

So, go get your permission to visit the island right now, because the natural beauty the island holds is unbelievably stupendous.

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