Why These ‘Secret’ Marble Caves In Chile Will Trigger Travel Envy Like None Other

Chile is home to some of the real natural wonders. The marble caves in Patagonia are definitely one of them. And here’s where you discover the most mesmerising natural shades of blue you’ll ever see. By Deepali Sharma

These majestic blue caves were formed by more than 6,000 years of waves washing up against calcium carbonate. This process of caves taking this unique structure through the force of aggressive waves is six centuries old. The twirling blue pattern on the walls of the cave is a reflection of the cobalt colored water of the lake. This shade of the lake differs in intensity, hue, totally contingent on water levels and time of the year that determines the climate.

You can visit Cuevas de Marmol on the peninsula of solid marble located in Lake General Carrera, an isolated glacial lake on the periphery of Chile-Argentina border. This secluded area is not easily accessible. The only way to explore these amazing azure structures is through a boat, kayak or a ferry. There is no road, nor can a paved pathway lead you to this beautiful destination.

You can take special tours to visit the location. Thirty minutes tours are operated to take tourists to the marble caves of Patagonian Andes. These tours are operated based on the weather and water conditions. Take the Patagonia Tour for a special customized tour to marble caves while in Chile.

September and February is the best time of the year to discover these majestic caves. During this period, the ice melts, increasing the intensity of the water thereby adding the captivating turquoise shade. Early morning tours will provide you with the best lighting for the insanely beautiful picturesque view.

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