This Village In Manipur Has Set Up Bamboo Huts As Quarantine Centres

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In India, a village in Manipur has built 80 bamboo huts as quarantine centres for migrants returning home after the nationwide lockdown. By Upasana Singh

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi opened transportation channels via railways and buses for migrant workers in India, thousands of people are heading home to Manipur. In a heartwarming-gesture, villagers in the North-eastern state have come up with an amazing idea to welcome the displaced migrants.

Picture Courtesy: Twitter/NBirenSingh

People living in the Tunjoy village in Senapati district of Manipur have set up over 80 bamboo huts for migrants coming from all over the country. Chief Minister N Biren Singh appreciated the villagers’ efforts and tweeted, “My salute, Tungjoy Village Authority has set up 80 huts for quarantine of their villagers who are going to come from outside the state. Each hut is fitted with a bed, separate toilet, gas table, electricity with a charging socket. Water supply is provided at various locations.”

Spread over a vast area of the green landscape, the huts are divided into green, orange, and red zones that are demarcated with plastic ropes. The Poumai tribe made these accommodations that will be used as quarantine centres. People coming from the red zones of the country will stay in the designated red zone huts and the same will apply for other zones.

Each hut is fully equipped with basic amenities and essential commodities have been kept in nearby huts. Volunteers have been appointed by the village to guard the migrants and make sure that social-distancing rules are being followed. People staying in the huts will be allowed to go home only after 14 days if they do not show any symptoms of Coronavirus.

District authorities have confirmed that the villagers managed this entire programme and have accomplished the task of building huts and other services without any financial aid from the government. Union of Development of North Eastern region attached photos of the huts on Twitter and praised the efforts and ability of the villagers to pull off a large-scale task like this.

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