Here’s another reason for you to draw inspiration from late actor Irrfan Khan. The actor along with a few others had planted mangrove saplings at a particular spot in Mumbai a few years ago. It has now turned into a huge forest. By Amitha Ameen

Not like we need another reason to be in awe of the late actor Irrfan Khan, but we came across a heartfelt story that was shared by environmentalist Afroz Shah on his twitter account. Shah took to twitter to share how he along with Irrfan Khan and a few others got together to plant mangrove saplings at a particular spot in Mumbai a few years ago, and how today that same spot has turned into a huge forest.

Shah shared the heartwarming message adding that some stories needed to be shared no matter how private they are and called the forest ‘Irrfan’s legacy.’ He also shared how the late actor and he along with a team planted thousands of mangrove saplings, that has now turned into a forest.

In the photos shared by the environmentalist, Shah can be seen alongside Irrfan Khan as well as director Pooja Bhatt. Actor Randeep Hooda who was not seen in the photos was tagged on the post which has been trending on the internet. The location of the mangrove remains unclear.

Among his many works, Afroz Shah is well known for organising the world’s largest beach clean-up project, which later grew into a huge movement that inspired people worldwide to keep their surroundings clean.

Irrfan Khan was well known for his many environmental efforts and for always having a helpful attitude towards others, including making anonymous donations to those in need.

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