You Wont Believe These Incredible Man-Made Forests Exist!

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Making up about one-third of the Earth’s oxygen, forests are literally the life-giving green blanket that keeps us alive. However, plagued with the deadly pangs of man and their propensity to deforest, the area covered by forests have now shrunk to a scant 20% of what it once was. This is a growing peril that not many address. Having said that, it cannot be denied that some do. It is the incredible green impact of the latter that we’re going to look at today! By Quoyina Ghosh

  1. Saihanba, China

Over the years, due to the various wars, rapid industrialisation and indiscriminate logging, the forested areas of China had taken a mighty hit. This was something that was taken very seriously by the government with the launching of an aggressive afforestation drive. What’s that yielded? Oh, nothing much! Just a forest larger than France atop their once barren Qinghai Tibet Plateau. No big deal. No big deal at all.

2. Molai Forest, India

Popularly known as the ‘Forest Man of India’, Jadav Payeng is a man who single-handedly planted an entire forest on a barren wasteland! Bothered by the constant animal deaths, the land erosion and the domino effect of the lack of trees, he decided to take matters into his own hands by planting an entire forest on his own. One that spans over 1,360 hectares today. 1,360 hectares. Yup!

3. Changa Manga, Pakistan

Spanning over a massive 12,423 acres, this forest reserve was established in the year of 1866. Yes, it is the oldest man-made forest in the world! Known to be home to a wide variety of flora and fauna, the ultimate purpose of this forest was threatened for a while when it came under the threat of massive illegal deforestation. Yet, it stands strong in its place as an emblem of the green effort of man to this very day.

4. Redwood Forests, North Carolina

The redwood population of California took a major hit after the industrial want for timber skyrocketed. Come the year of 1991, a man named David Milarch inspired by his near death experience started on a quest to combat the redwood forest’s near death experience. Using micropropagation tissue culture labs, he went on to literally make the trees in his lab to protect them from being endangered!

5. Johannesburg

Home to a futuristic perfect blend of nature and urban life, Johannesburg is truly a world apart. With more than 10 million trees all around, this is the largest man-made urban forest in the world. Such an environment isn’t just physically healthy, it is mentally soothing as well. Imagine stepping out of your house and being greeted by gorgeous lavender Jacarandas waving at you! Doesn’t it seem like a sight for sore eyes? Well, it’s commonplace here!

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