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Make A Wish At These Destinations: Bucket-List Material!

We wish for something every day. On some days, we wish for the traffic to be less horrible, and on some, we wish for the biggest and the only aim of our life to come true. While we can’t vouch for the latter coming true in a day, we can sure suggest a few places around the world where simply closing your eyes and making your wish turns them into a reality. Given that all these wish-granting destinations are located in our bookmarked countries, we don’t see how this is not the perfect excuse to make at least one wish true — take that trip! By Shubhanjana Das

1. Pont de Artes, Paris

The love-lock bridge in Paris is more than just a wish-fulfilling site. It is an open expression of love by lovers who seal their love (for anything and everything, really) by locking a padlock to the side of the bridges as a public and open expression of love. Once you’ve locked the padlock scribbled with the initials of the couple, throw the key into the river from an arm’s reach. Even though the Pont des Artes is the most renowned one, there are lovelock bridges in Slovenia, Russia, China, Moscow, Seoul and Prague.

2. Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree, Hong Kong

Lam Tsuem in Tai Pho has two wish-fulfilling trees, wherein making a wish is quite a ritual in itself. The tradition goes that during each Lunar Year, people gather around the trees, and burn joss sticks before writing their wishes down on traditional Chinese ghost paper called joss paper, tie it to an orange and, wait for it, throw it on the tree. If it hangs, consider your Ginie is faithful to you.

3. Tanabata tree, Japan

Each year during the Tanabata festival, held on July 7th, hoards of people throng to write their wishes on the tanzaku (colourful strips of paper) and tie it to the bamboo tree. You can only imagine how the tree itself must have started resembling like a party in its own in the lap of nature. However, these bamboo trees are typical to one specific place but are an important part of many Japanese celebrations. Looks like Japan has quite some wishes to ask for!

4. Buddha park of Ravangla, Sikkim, India

If fulfilling a wish is what is on your wish list, then why travel all the way to other countries? Our own country has a 13-foot tall statue of Buddha in Ravangla, Sikkim. But, given that this place itself is off the beaten road for many, the Buddha statue is quite a gem of a find. The lotus well in the statue is a beautiful lotus-shaped pond, which is ideated after the concept of European wishing wells. So, grab a coin, close your eyes, and make a wish in the lap of nature’s bounty here in Ravangla.

5. Trevi Fountain, Italy

The Fontana di Trevi in Italy single-handedly attracts 16 million tourists every year, thanks to its immense popularity. After all, this watering hole is more of a wishing pot wherein if you throw a coin with your back towards the fountain, you’re likely to make a return pretty soon. We don’t know about you, but we sure will be tossing in a few coins in the name of coming back to Italy. Over $1.5 million is collected from the fountain every year, all of which goes to charity.

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