Located in Anjuna, a seven-minute drive from the beach, Mahe is perhaps the first international bar restaurant in Goa. By Team T+L

With minimal design from Bangalore’s OCD group, this dazzling new space is on the radar of Travel + Leisure India contributor and bestselling writer, Siddharth Dhanvant Shanghvi.

“I had a truly spectacular meal there,” he told us about Mahe, which only opened last December. “The aubergine rechaedo was sublime – paired with poi, it came up a winner on a menu that was astonishing: pickled mussels, flash fry tapioca (the perfect bar snack), and a mutton curry that will quickly displace anything you have enjoyed at Gunpowder.”

Shanghvi, who is on assignment in Goa for Travel + Leisure India,  told us, “The restaurant is exquisitely designed, channeling a Bawa elegance, which was direly needed in Goa. You enter and are arrested by glamour. Ibiza and Comporta (in Portugal) have such joints – where you can spend a day on the beach being all hippie chic but then you appear for dinner in a jacket.”

The brain child of Mumbai’s Parth Timbadia – of Bonobo – and Sandeep Sreedharan (co-owner and genius chef), Mahe is a fresh entrant on Goa’s diverse and rich restaurant scene which includes Spice Traders at the W and the standalone Sakana (also in Anjuna).

When we quizzed Shanghvi – our cover star in December – he was tight lipped. “I’m writing about the state’s food scene for a later edition of Travel + Leisure India – you’ll have to catch insider deets there!”