Beginning tomorrow, the sixth edition of the Magnetic Fields Festival will start, and if you’re lucky enough to be going, then there’s a lot going on for you to experience at the Alsisar Mahal. We’ve made it easier and unpacked everything that’s going to be taking place from the 14-16th of this month. By Gayatri Moodliar

For starters, the line-up is insane. As can be expected, the festival always ropes in performers who are able to merge together a bevy of different genres (think jazz clubbed with garage), expected and unexpected, and will keep festival-goers constantly on their feet. Renowned acts from established artists such as Daphni, DJ Bicep (the duo will be closing the festival on Sunday night), Shanti Celeste, Moxie, Henry Wu and many, many more.  

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@djmoxie is many things: a Londoner born and bred, raised on raving and records; a seasoned DJ, playing big-room clubs and sweatbox basements worldwide; and a charming radio host, as at home on national FM as regional stations and independent start-ups. It’s this balancing act between the underground and the mainstream that’s seen Moxie become one of the UK’s hottest DJs. Catch her and @vynehall Leon Vynehall in a never-seen-before B2B at the @resident_advisor showcase at #MagFields2018 #magneticfieldsfestival #musicfestival #boutiquefestival #alsisar #rajasthan #palace #heritage #desert #sand #electronicmusic #house #techno #bass #reggae #hiphop #folkmusic #camping #delhi #mumbai #bangalore #pune #kolkata #hyderabad #london #nts #onloop

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Going for this festival will also allow you to experience the Alsisar culture, as the stage will also be taken into the village to showcase the vibrant and mesmerising beats of Rajasthan.  

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The festival does claim to be one of contemporary music and arts, so apart from stellar music, remember to take in all the art installations that will dot the venue. Their Helical Dreams piece, a collaboration between seven acclaimed artists, claims to be all about ‘discovering a hidden place, a mystery space, lost in the festival. The mystery tent is a suite of improvised actions, drawings, dance, light projections and sound; constantly being created and manipulated in real time to create an immersive, transformative and elevated experience.’ Starting at 9 pm every night, and going on till midnight, head over to the Bedouin Village to experience this.

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An annual feature, and a Magnetic Fields tradition is the Geminid meteor shower. Rich in fireballs, the annual Geminid meteor shower is the most vivid and spectacular display in the year and can be viewed from December 7-16, 2018 peaking on Dec 14. Defying explanation, they are different to most meteor showers as they are associated with an asteroid (3200 Phaeton) instead of a comet. The shower owes its name to the Gemini constellation where the meteors seem to emerge from the sky, at its peak on the 14th, it will be possible to see around 100 meteors per hour. Find our stargazers on the palace rooftop every night from 8-10 pm at #magfields2018 to get a glimpse of the meteor shower. 📷 @vishakhajindal_ #magneticfieldsfestival #musicfestival #boutiquefestival #alsisar #rajasthan #palace #heritage #desert #sand #electronicmusic #house #techno #bass #reggae #hiphop #folkmusic #camping #delhi #mumbai #bangalore #pune #kolkata #hyderabad #stars #comets #meteorshower #astronomy #nightsky

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Culinary experts can also rejoice in the feasts that will take place on Saturday and Sunday. Taking help from experts, the five-course menu is all about enjoying the traditional styles of cooking. 

To ensure your wellness, emotional, spiritual, whatever it may be, Magnetic Fields has tied up with Tatva to create a safe space that’ll be open 24/7. To further emphasise wellness, an association with The Tonic will mark this year’s Magnetic Sanctuary. From acro-yoga to aroma-therapy sessions, it’ll have everything. Just remember: This one is an alcohol-free zone.  

Last but not least, don’t forget to check out all the luxury boutique brands that will be setting up shop at the Magnetic Souk and bring back some souvenirs.

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