Move Over Double Beds, Luxury Bunks Are Trending! 

Luxury hotels across the planet are now replacing double beds with luxury bunks. The facility, which was earlier considered a pocket-friendly option, has now become a choice irrespective of the cost. With a rising number of solo and group travellers, this is one way of making the stay more, fun, interactive and exciting. By Tanvi Jain

 1. Trunk Hotel, Tokyo 

This boutique hotel is all about socialising. The interiors, the amenities, the minibar, the takeout, everything here has been designed keeping in mind the concept of socialising. But what makes this hotel, every traveller’s dream stay, is its bunks combining comfort with luxury. While the double beds rest on the floor, overhead are the bunks sharing the same luxurious space of a suite. Their Balcony Junior Suite can not only accommodate as many as six guests but also gives each his/her own headspace to enjoy the view from the leafy balcony. 

2. Generator Hostel, Rome 

Known for its beautiful streets, rich history, classic architecture, and mouthwatering food, you surely don’t need a reason to visit this beautiful capital city of Italy. Always topping the list for wedding and honeymoon destination, the place is now targeting youngsters and solo travellers as well. With accommodations like the Generator Hostel, staying with your group of friends is made even more fun. The hostel comes with custom-designed bunk beds, built-in lockers, and en suite bathrooms. A designer hostel with all modern amenities, chill out area, bar, and more — this accommodation is worth a try. 

3. Hotel Peter & Paul, New Orleans, Louisiana 

Formed as a result of a four-year restoration work of St. Peter and Paul Catholic church and school, the hotel comes with an immense history. Its detailed design reflecting the past, with a touch of French countryside, will take you back to the bygone era. What makes the bunk rooms different here, is that every room is filled with antiques, custom furniture, lighting, and private bathrooms with hand-painted tiles. Built inside cosy quarters, the bunk also includes a flat-screen TV, Wi-Fi, custom Italian linens, local snacks, and more. 

4. The Sunset Destination Hostel, Lisbon 

Custom-designed noise-reducing bunk beds with curtains, racks, sofas and table, a stay in this hostel is not only comfortable but unique as well. Their hand-crafted bunk beds are inspired by the famous caves of Cappadocia, Turkey. The hostel comes with three units — either party at the Sunset Destination Hostel with a rooftop bar and pool, or chill at the Lisbon Destination Hostel with Lisbon’s fastest WI-FI, food and bar, or go for the Alfama Patio Apartments to experience a typical Lisbon neighbourhood.  

5. With Inn Hostel, Kaohsiung, Taiwan 

This Taiwanese local house in Kaohsiung will give you a perfect flavour of the old Taiwan. Hand-painted iron windows and mosaic tiles have not only retained the beauty of old Taiwanese craft but have also given this half a century old house a new life. Light jazz, cosy spaces, chill-out gardens, rooftop balcony, beer and more, the place is a perfect choice for both groups as well as solo travellers. With their mix dorm facility, guests from across the planet not only get a chance to know each other but also about different cultures. 

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