Who says you can’t buy happiness? From on-air spas to gourmet food made to order, we have a number of coveted ways in which we can buy happiness in these flights where luxury spills from all sides. By Shubhanjana Das

1. Singapore Airlines:

A ticket in one of the Singapore Airlines’ flights will not only land you in your destination but also in a luxury suite, separate from the normal suits. Comfy single or double beds, spa services, food made to order and an overwhelming degree of almost unbelievable luxury is what comes with a Singapore Airlines ticket. Let’s not forget the staff, which stays on its heels to serve what you need, how you need it, and when you need it.

2. Cathay Pacific Airlines:

Hedonists will know why this list is incomplete without the mention of one of the most expensive and, not to mention, luxurious airlines that there is. No matter how far you are from home, you will never feel homesick with Cathay Pacific‘s first-class service, which comes with a spacious cabin area, gourmet meals, top-notch entertainment facilities, and a rich selection of international wines.

3. Etihad:

Even though there wouldn’t be any stone unturned in your service even if you were traveling in the business or even the economy class, the Diamond First Class is of a whole other league. What more can we say about the service and the comfort that is customised for every passenger than that they greet each and every passenger with a pack of assorted Belgian chocolates? The food will be prepared to fit your taste buds and drinks will be served from the private mini bars in any quantity that makes you merry.

4. Emirates:

Now, after all this, what can Emirates offer to secure a position in the list of the most luxurious flights in the world? Well, we think the suites enclosed with a full bed, welcome kits by Bulgari, separate bathroom for first class passengers replete with shower facilities, make for a few good reasons. Besides, there’s the bar, which comes with more than just an ordinary assortment of wines and liquors. Seems pretty legit, doesn’t it?

5. Lufthansa:

Okay, so mere luxury doesn’t work for you. What you need is a treatment fit for kings. We hear you. And that’s why we saved Lufthansa for the last since it has successfully mastered the art of treating each and every passenger like absolute royalty. If you’re flying first class, your kingly treatment will start even before your flight takes off as the crew makes sure to greet you from the get-go. You will have customised toiletry kits, the best food that any airline can offer, and of course, the staff that will bend over backwards to address every request you make.

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