While the Maldives already stands tall in the list of luxury destinations in the world, it has just added a brand new property called LUX* North Male Atoll to its sands. This exclusive luxury resort with dazzling penthouse water villas will leave you awestruck as you set foot on the island. By Kumar Shree

Penthouse In Paradise

LUX* North Male Atoll

The LUX* North Male Atoll brings an intimate all-new interpretation of the ultimate Maldivian experiences with a dazzling paradise of penthouse villas and spectacularly designed spaces to play, relax and retreat. As a short transfer from Male to the island via a luxury speedboat or a seaplane, takes you to heaven, you can soak in all the visual feast through your eyes. As you set foot on the island, you can witness the coconut palms gently arching on the pathway leading to the beach and over-water villas.

The Finest Setting And Landscape

LUX* North Male Atoll

Each of the 67 double-story residences is based on the Singapore design house Miaja and features a private pool, hence blending panache with a vibrant South Beach pulse. Also, in a first in the Maldives, each residence in the LUX* North Male Atoll is crowned with a magnificent private sky-lounge. The summer sunshine and the sky interplay to reveal all the shades of blue imaginable. Pure white sandy beaches, beautiful shells, dolphins, stingrays and turtles add character to the thriving reef, and supply soothes to the soul.

Dynamic Dining Coupled With Unrivaled Services

LUX* North Male Atoll

Talking about the drinking and dining opportunities, the LUX* North Male Atoll packs a bevvy of them. While the Glow Restaurant serves as the international meeting-point of creative world cuisine, INTI takes you on a delectable journey through the cuisines of Peru and Japan. The famous Cafe LUX* has the sophisticated charm of the Glow Bar, and the Barium takes the flavours to new heights. All of these combine together to offer a truly luxurious and soul-stirring food on offer. The culinary experts also host masterclasses and share their skills and knowledge about the art of cooking and picking up perfect ingredients in case you wish to learn any of them.

Sweat It Out And Relax

LUX* North Male Atoll

Two swimming pools, high adrenaline water sports, private yacht voyages, tennis and beach volleyball courts are there to make sure that you are never bored, and always have some action waiting for you if you choose to indulge in any. Apart from these options, there are dedicated spots for tai chi and yoga as well. And, to ease you out of all the action, there is a translucent overwater LUX* Me Spa as well.

Go With The Flow

LUX* North Male Atoll

You can enjoy your time at the LUX* North Male Atoll the way you want and at the pace that suits you the best since the place is absolutely free of fixed schedules. There are no fixed timings for anything, hence it is entirely your choice at what time you want to indulge in a particular activity, and that is one of the many reasons, you have to be there once.

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