Now Get On The Go Check-Ups With Lucknow Station’s New Health ATMs

Picture Credits: Subodh Agnihotri/Shutterstock

The Indian Railways has installed two health ATMs at Charbagh station in Lucknow, allowing passengers to get quick check-ups conveniently. By Shrimayee Thakur

The Charbagh Railway Station in Lucknow is now offering its passengers a unique service: quick check-ups at the station itself. Each kiosk offers a wide range of checkups, priced at INR 50 for six minutes, and INR 100 for nine minutes. It will even have a medical attendant ready to assist patients when required.

These health ATMs are private, walk-in kiosks and are equipped with medical devices for basic vitals, cardiology, neurology, pulmonary testing, gynecology, basic laboratory testing and emergency facilities. The machines can perform examinations for body mass index, blood pressure, body fat, haemoglobin, metabolic age, muscle mass, weight, height, temperature, muscle mass, basal metabolic rating, visceral fat, oxygen saturation, pulse rate, blood glucose, and bone mass. Users will have to enter details such as their name, age and phone number into the machine. Then, the machine will scan their finger,  generate a report and instantly deliver it to the patient’s smartphone or email address.

Promoted by YOLO Health ATM, these health ATMs are being gradually installed in stations across the country as part of the Fit India movement. Lucknow is the first city in Uttar Pradesh to get these Health ATMs. YOLO Health ATM is also planning to install kiosks in Bareilly and Moradabad soon. According to some sources, the Northeastern Railway is planning to extend these services to Gorakhpur, Gonda, Prayagraj and Basti as well.

Amresh Thakur, state head for YOLO Health ATM says that around 50-60 people are using the facility everyday. Moreover, as per him, the kiosks are very helpful for people with fevers, or other health problems within the spectrum of what the devices are capable of examining. He adds that people can get an examination done quickly and easily, and then decide whether they want to continue on their journey or not.

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